Monday, November 29, 2010

thanksgiving + a winner

We got to stay at Dave's parents new house. Mom Mincy loves Mary Engelbreit, black + white, and cherries. She made these window treatments for her door- aren't the pom poms adorable?

Her whimsical decor is very cheerful!

We had such a nice, cozy, and yummy thanksgiving. Hope you did too.

The turkey was delicious.

Dave's mom and sister, Barb.

After dinner nap :)

Let's zoom in on this sweet face.....

Over to Barb's house. I always have to take photos over here....lots of eye candy!

Her dining room...

eclectic artwork....

Then on to Barb's studio. The yellow letters were fun to play with.

Perfect backdrop for some photos.

lots of goodies. See more here.

We got an extra treat- Kristi from the Speckled Dog blog came over to meet us! And! She knit me a cowl! LOVE it! So warm and cozy. (and the pumpkin bread you brought us was delicious :)

And guess what else??? On the way home we got to stop at Ikea! More on that later.....did you have a good thanksgiving? What was your favorite dessert? A few of my favorite little treats:

*on the trip down; a gingerbread shake at Red Robin!!!!!!!!!!!!! YUM
*Practically every day that we were gone; coffee with vanilla egg nog!!!!!!!!!!! super yum
*Black Friday shopping beverage: cinnamon dolce latte
*apple pie, pumpkin pie, I could go on........but I won't, this is making me very hungry for thanksgiving all over again.

WINNER of Candace's Cookbook:

My cousin, Kari!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I promise I picked a random name out of a hat.

She said:
Oooo, pick me, pick me! I have lots of sad stories about always having to come up with supper ideas. My family would benefit from this book! I don't know what we are doing for supper tonight or tomorrow or Wednesday...but the turkey is in the fridge for Thursday to share with Grammy and Grampy!
Hugs to you all! Kari

I will pop it in the mail for you, Kari! Thanks to every single one of you who commented and congratulated Candace and introduced yourselves! It was great to hear from each of you!!!!!!!


gailsgarden said...

I'm SO GLAD that Kari won!!! That was perfect!

Jenny Stevning said...

Oh, how I adore the polka dot curtains with ball fringe!! Heavenly! What a homey Thanksgiving. Delightful! Pumpkin pie all the way!!

Lauren said...

A family of artists, huh? How wonderful! I'm so IN LOVE with those yellow letters in the studio!~swoon~!!!! Okay, now I am going to DEFINITELY try egg nog in my coffee. Now I'm craving it! :)

tacky said...

Wooohooo! I had to read it twice...yep, that's my name! "I won!" and my love said I was probably the only one who entered...silly man! He doesn't know all the fun and interesting people who blog-hop and visit time and again! Thank you! I try to enter every give away you do...because you have such creative energy and creative friends! Love ya!

Lindsay - Paint Me A Picture said...

So fun to see your family photos and at Knack :) and love the yellow letters.
I ate (almost) an entire pecan pie. I threw it away so I wouldn't hate myself.

Debby said...

Love your MIL's kitchen. And that studio.....loved the doors. Loved the picture of you and the letters, I thought it was photo shopped. Lots of "I Love" in this post. But I am sad as I wanted to win a little owl.......just kidding.
I had a great Thanksgiving kissing my grandbabies that live out West. Headed back to Ohio tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a great weekend together! I love you MIL's decor. Cute! Great pics, especially that last one of you and your man!

gypsy@Hebrews11:13 said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the chippy goodness that is Barb's studio. Love it!!!! Fun photos!!! And I bet Dave LOVES that you put that photo of him napping on here:) And I love your green puffy vest with the blue top. Cute!

Stephanie said...

What a cool studio and yes the yellow letters are awesome! I missed my after dinner Thanksgiving nap this year, I had to be the host :), no naps for me.