Thursday, November 18, 2010

fall favorites

Mixing and matching of funky socks...
(and the little colorful and vivacious girl who spreads plastic toys all over the house? She is my favorite all year long. Favorite girl that is- not favorite child :) :)

I guess you have already heard this one - but......a cozy evening on the couch crafting with felt!!!!!!! Nothing better. (unless Dave is on the couch beside me- that is the best possible scenario)

dresses with jeans! And throw on a scarf for good measure.

Another dress with jeans (or tunic-type shirt, actually) I have been looking everywhere for dresses or long shirts to wear with pants- and found this and the previous one for a good deal at Ross.

park days! The weather has been gorgeous!!!!!!!! I love living in the South - but we are not too, too south- just enough to be coolish in the fall and chilly in the winter and hot all the rest of the time. Just enough for sweaters and vests and scarves and jeans.

I promise I am embracing all things fall. And Thanksgiving- that is going to be my focus- don't let the following photo fool you. Don't shoot me and please! listen to my reason! There is a reason, I promise.....

I have been keeping this secret from you for a week!!!!!!!!! Haha- but it is only because a friend of mine was cleaning out her attic and wanted to get rid of this tree - and would I come and pick it up? Of course, and I surely could not take it home and stuff it in my here it is. But not completely decorated. Anyone else evil and wicked like me who put up your tree already?


Kristi said...

Oooh, I love the look of those dresses with pants and jeans! I put most all of my indoor Christmas stuff out this past weekend. Holding off on the tree and the outside stuff until after Thanksgiving. Hope I get to see you next week!!

lori vliegen said...

i love all of your fashion have such cute clothes!!! and good for you for putting up your tree looks beautiful!!! xox

p.s. i just saw your comment on my are just going to scream with delight when you see the book!!! it's really fantastic, and i LOVE your projects!!! congratulations, girl!!! i'm going to sit down tonight and memorize every single page of it!!! (i ordered mine from amazon, and it was here fairly quickly!).

gypsy@Hebrews11:13 said...

LOL!! I like the tree and OF COURSE you could not come home and put it in the attic- it is too close to Christmas to play musical trees!!! And I HEART dresses with jeans!!!!!!

Kim's Treasures said...

I love wearing dresses with jeans! Tomorrow is a travel day for us and I plan to wear a cozy sweater dress with comfy jeans for a comfy drive.

Love the cute birds on your tree : )

Debby said...

Love your style. I used to wear dresses with pants a long time ago.

As far as trees, they are going up all over our village. On my way home from school tonight in the dark two houses on one street were all lit up. I love it. If I wasn't having dinner on Sunday for Thanksgiving, I would be decorating my house. Love the birdies on your tree.

Pam said...

I bought leggings yesterday with a gift card I got for my birthday. Wore them last night to church with my favorite knee-length denim skirt. So nice and toasty! I'm envisioning all sorts of possiblities for fun combos on top paired with funky socks!

My tree is not up yet, but it may be staying up longer than most, as my parents will be coming to visit in mid-January. Hope we won't hate it by then!

Stephanie said...

I have been wanting to wear dresses with jeans, but I feel to short to do so :( Although I recently bought a long sweater dress which does look very nice with jeans. I guess I need to try more.

I want to get out the Christmas stuff so badly, (this post is almost torturing me), but I fear my family will think I've gone crazy when they show up for thanksgiving dinner at my house.

gailsgarden said...

Oh, the tree's in a different place. Nice!

tacky said...

Haven't done any trees at home...however...I am getting lots of pressure by our younger crowd! I've got cleaning and cooking to do for Thanksgiving...Grammy and Grampy are coming!!! So...we will keep the tree on our to do list! Love to you! Love the garland you are working on!!!

Kim @ Second Time Furniture said...

Hi Sara!
Oh goodness how I love all your colors! I am a fellow polka dot lover and am also your newest follower! Thanks for sharing all of your creativity!
Kim :)

Paintedpaper said...

Shhh mine are going up real soon. Outdoor lights are prep I just need to flip the switch. Christmas Village is open and strewn all over the family room floor thanks to a 6 and 3 year old. I am trying but man I just keep spinning my wheels. :/

p.s I love your lower wall in your kitchen! Is that wall paper or scrap book paper pasted down?

Living Creatively said...

I love your texture & pattern on pattern style with clothes!

Giiirlllll, that is a LOT of felt! You are serious about your craftin'.

Can't blame you with the Christmas tree. I'm ready to haul mine out of the attic, so the kids will stop mentioning it 10x a day. ;)

Bethany said...

We forgive you for putting up your tree already, because it looks SO adorable!! =)

Anonymous said...

Heehee. Just put my tree up last night! I wanted to because my parents are coming for Thanksgiving, but not for Christmas. I love the coziness it brings to a home! It just gives you another reason to be thankful!!

Lauren said...

Ahhhh...the beloved dress over jeans. My staple! There are so many fun dresses out there, but NOT for my legs...add some jeans and fun shoes/boots...perfect! I will forever wear this look! And your bird tree looks adorable!

misss_e said...

Loving the tree!

Megan Walker said...

Love the stack of felt circles, *LOVE* your new fashions (I always love everything you find!), and I think it's AWESOME you have a tree up already! Lucky you! I have to listen to my Christmas music in secret if it's any time before Thanksgiving, or my boys will literally throw my CD's out the window! HARSH! :/

Speaking of which, have a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving!


Gretchen said...

Sara, I LOVE the tunic shirt with jeans. I have one of those, but have not been brave enough to wear it because I do not own skinny jeans, and I thought that's what you had to wear them with. But yours looks super cute with regular jeans. Thanks for the inspiration. We'll see if I have the guts to pull it out now. :)