Thursday, October 7, 2010

orange-ish, pumpkin-ish, delightful, fall!

**all photos from past posts...see fall posts here for details + recipes**

I just want to make cookies!

And eat tiny pumpkin pies!

And do lots and lots of pumpkin crafts!!!

And eat more cookies....

And more pumpkin pies....and maybe a few pumpkin peeps.

I am amazed at the simple beauty of a pumpkin...

And gourds of any kind....the greens! The oranges! The greenish orange!

Fall fever has officially hit our house..........


Kim's Treasures said...

Isn't fall the best!?! Too bad winter has to follow, at least for me! I love pumpkins and gourds! Your projects and baking look so fun and yummy!

gailsgarden said...

how do you make the pumpkin peeps?

Jill said...

ooooh! so inspiring!!! I wish ALL our fall decorations weren't in storage!!!- I think I may need to create a few new ones!! :)
Thanks for the amazing inspiration!

Bethany said...

I love fall and I am SOO happy that it is finally here!!!!!!

Jenny Stevning said...

Hello! I found you via The Time To Be Happy Is Now. I am in love with all of your pumpkin photos!!!
Cheers and Blessings! :)

Makeup By LisaMarie said...

oh tiny pumpkin pies Yummy!! everything is so cute!!

Tara said... favorite time of the year!

meg duerksen said...

love the little sugar covered pumpkins!

Andy and Ana said...

I remember precious memories of creating 'Wax Autumn leaves' with our grandsons. I'm going back to get the pumpkin recipe...your site is so chock-full of creative & yummy things to see & do :) where's that notepad? Thinking love,Ana Our Front Porch
p.s.Your 'Love is Patient'sign is so cute...Good idea for holiday gifts,Thanks,Ana

Anonymous said...


I was thinking of making the tiny pumpkin pies for Christmas but can't locate the original post with recipe (or recipe link) or maybe I just missed it in my scanning in haste as I make breakfast for the children. Would you be willing to pass it along? I believe my e-mail address will be included in the comment you get but likely not the one on your blog.