Tuesday, October 5, 2010

n a n n y + c r a n n y

We saw Nanny McPhee Returns and I am in love with the house!!!! I couldn't find a great photo of it, but here is one of the living room. All of the woodwork was painted different colors- the staircase is a pale, peeling yellow. I WANT A YELLOW STAIRCASE! (Oh, - there I go with the discontentment again...) And patterned, floral wallpaper everywhere. I WANT WALLPAPER!!! (oops....)

You get the idea- then there is the little country store where Mrs Green works- THE CoLORFUL DRAWERS ALL ALONG THE WALL!

Just watch it when you can and enjoy the house (the rest of the movie is cute too)

I received an extra special order from the etsy shop, cranny! My sister in law, Sarah, makes beautiful things. This wreath is actually a door sweater, and look at the sweet ruffled card! Check out her shop.

She is not to be confused with my sister in law, Barb, who has this super creative etsy shop, or my other sister in law, Trish, who could have an etsy shop if she wanted. (I have very creative sisters in law!)

Have a great Tuesday~ I am sipping apple cider and enjoying the 67 degree weather!


Becky@Beyond The Picket Fence said...

I loved the houses in both of the Nanny movies. Not even sure if i paid attention to the movie, just the house :)!

Anonymous said...

I love her room!

Andy and Ana said...

What a joy to share creative ideas with ladies in your family...your hubby must be use to it :P
Love your blog, Ana at
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