Tuesday, October 26, 2010

haunted candy houses

This week is Kids Cook Week at the Franklin School of Arts and Academics!!!! (our homeschool). Our 9 yr. old got to pick out 3 recipes to prepare, our 7 yr. old picked 2, and the 4 yr old picked one.

We had a few kids cookbooks from the library and one recipe that caught the middle child's eye was Christmas gingerbread houses.

We compromised and made little Halloween houses. I have to admit that we have never made gingerbread houses! So this was extra fun for the kids.

We did it the simple way...

start with graham crackers...

get your glue! (buttercream and lemon)

candy! Check.

Sprinkles.....of course!

I went ahead and "glued" the crackers together- the older ones maybe could have done it...but I had enough trouble trying to get them to stay standing.

candy and frosting....what is not to love?!?!?!

"Mom, can we eat them today?"

"Absolutely not. If we are going to alllllllllll this trouble, we will keep them around to admire for a few days."

Can we eat some candy, then??

"OK," (chomp, chomp, chew, swallow) but just a few..."


Kim's Treasures said...

Cute! Now you're all practiced up for Christmas!

Lauren said...

Yummy homes...they definitely wouldn't last long at our home! MMMMMMM!

Emily said...

Hi, I'm Emily (Paul Weathers' wife). Thanks for visiting my blog! I'm so glad it's a good children's book resource. Your talent showcased by your blog is amazing! Paul says it runs in your family and extended family. Best wishes!

Tammy said...

Wow, they look yummy!

gailsgarden said...

Cute and SO HEALTHY! Eh?

Anonymous said...

How fun are those!?!

Zempel Family said...

Okay, that last line made me laugh! I'm glad I'm not the only one - and that my kids are still too slow to see me sneak!

Ruth said...

That is always fun. We tend to eat more candy than we should when we make these.