Sunday, October 24, 2010

fun stuff

Cardboard doll house that you color with markers! It comes with cardboard people and furniture. My 4 year old is getting this for Christmas and I hope she lets me decorate the house too!!! (should I just ask for one myself?!?!?!)

This is quite momentous in our house. I have always, always gotten a Mary Engelbreit calendar for Christmas. Always. Our calendar takes up a prominent spot in our kitchen- it is one of the main focal points- I look at it about 100 times a day- we write anything of importance on there. So it has to be loved and beautiful.

When I saw this calendar on Cathy Nichol's blog I knew. "DAVE! DAVE! You have to order this ASAP before she runs out! Quantities are limited!" (goodbye Mary--hello Cathy :)

So like a good husband- he bought it for me (I promise to act surprised when I open it)

You can see it here (she only has a few left!)

p.s. look at this cute owl globe at family fun

p.s.#2 Great fall get together for our church ladies yesterday. In the woods with gorgeous trees, beautiful weather, fire in the fireplace, soups, donuts, coffee, pumpkin bread, girl time, testimonies about our Wonderful Lord, and white elephant gift exchange. What could possibly be better?!?!? This is the only photo we got after everyone else left. I love these girls! Thank You, God for these sweet Christian sisters!!!


mysteryhistorymom said...

My daughter would LOVE this! I may have to order one, too!:) Lori

What a fun time with your church friends! You are all so cute! Where are you??

Anonymous said...

Our children are very artsy and we got one of those for them one time... they LOVED it!!! I mean, what could be more fun to a child than a cardboard box... and coloring on it??? So much fun just watching them!