Sunday, September 19, 2010

trader joe's

I had to run to the art store the other day and as an added treat, popped into Trader Joe's while I was in the area. This is one store that is just fun to visit- the colors, the samples, the packaging, the flowers, the employees- all of it colorful and happy and inspirational. I always vow to turn over a new leaf and eat healthy whenever I visit TJ's or Whole Foods. Unfortunately we don't have either of those stores very close to us. But when we get there it is fun.

I had a Very Green Juice Blend. It was so tasty and I felt healthy all day :)

When I saw these Snapea Crisps, I knew I had to try them in honor of my sister in law........

a big snapea fan :) :)

Even the picnic tables are cute at Trader Joe's

They were giving out samples of nectarine salsa. It was so good I went right home and made some:

Nectarine Salsa
Chopped nectarine
chopped red onion
chopped red pepper
chopped cilantro
fresh squeezed lime juice

(not sure about amounts- I used 2 nectarines, about 1/4 of a red onion, same for a red pepper, and then cilantro and lime juice to taste)

we ate the salsa on crackers, but tortilla chips would be good too.

Who has a Trader Joe's close by? Do you love it?


mysteryhistorymom said...

We don't have a Trader Joe's anywhere near us.;( Boo. Looks like SO much fun, though! That green drink... I am a bit skeptical. Did you really like it? What was it made with? That nectarine salsa is more my speed.:) Lori

Morgan said...

We are definitely big TJs fans! We used to live about 2 minutes away, so I was always there. :)
I love those snap pea crisps!

{B} said...

we walk to ours! and we love it! ;-)

Megan Walker said...

YES we live near a TJ's, and YES we love it!!!

knack said...

love trader joe's....and our store on woodruff road is almost done!!

...those picnic tables are awesome! :)


Sara @ The Football Wife said...

Our TJ's is 14 miles away, but we *LOVE* to go there. They have lots of dye-free food that Ellie can gobble up & we love the presliced organic apples, tri-colored tortillas, and... I could go on & on!

Jenn A said...

We have a TJ's sort of close. I love it, but don't get there all that often. So far I have liked everything I've tried from there.

manda said...

We are getting a Trader Joe's sometime this fall! I can't wait!! That nectarine salsa sounds SO yummy!!

rachel awes said...

i do! i do!
one of my new fav's is their
ginger oats cereal...yum!!
i love your highlighted
collection here! (it's so funny because i recently took a photo of a painted flower on the wall of a trader joe's parking spot!).
yummy love to you! xox

Anonymous said...

We love Trader Joe's. It does look like your kind of fun place!

Lauren said...

Our TJ's is about an hour away, but it's so nice to get fun things before we host a little get together! And their! Love them in the winter!

justin, jake and jenna's mom said...

Boo hoo!!! The closest TJ's to Central NY is in Connecticut....but I can get the Snappea Crisps around here....a few things that I always pick up when there:
1) Iced Oatmeal and Cranberry Dippers (cookies that are perfect in the fall).
2) Sweet (spicy) Chili Dipping Sauce~YUM!
3) All of the snack bars are good, but they don't have the peanut/chocolate granola bars anymore :(
4) We also always bought the Robert's Cheese Puffs, but you can also get those other places too.

I got to go when we visited NYC...and you bet I stocked up on all the unperishables that wouln't go bad in the car!! It'll be a long time before I get to go again....

Stephanie said...

I have never been to one, there aren't any near by us :( I've heard so many good things though.

*TARA* said...

My husband and I drive once a week to Trader Joe's and wholefoods. They are about an hour and 15 minutes from us but we make it our "outing" of the week. The gala apples at Trader Joe's are simply amazing. There is sometihng very special aboutt hem I have decided ;)

Anonymous said...

I like Trader Joe's, but don't have one nearby anymore. My hubby loves those snap pea snacks. Very cute picnic tables!


Pam said...

The nearest TJ's is at like an hour-and-a-half away. I WISH we had one closer! I visited one once, and LOVED it!

TJs Artist Hub said...

Sara, I'm lovin' the art!
Found your blog as I was diggin around on the 'Net for fellow TJ's Artists.

Seems like you are a fan of Trader Joe's so please swing by my new online community for TJ's artists!

We would love your input and comments!
Take care!

Lexie said...

We walk to our TJ's also! Love it...but it doesn't have a cute picnic bench like yours. :)