Wednesday, September 15, 2010

just a little stir craziness that led to frivolity

Do you homeschool moms sometime feel like you have to get out of the house or you will just go crazy? We had a day like that last week, so with all good intentions we set off for the library. The library was good and fun and all- and then we saw this cute little boutique across the street.

It is not that we bought anything- but we gained some inspiration. The pink door just brightened my day. Our door needs a makeover!

It just so happened that we got hungry and being the good, nutrition conscious mom that I am, I made sure we got some good dairy. Calcium is what we needed that day....

Just a fun time out and about. A nice day to enjoy being together. A nice day to stop and admire the band-aids. Hope you have that kind of day soon. A Toy Story 3 band-aid/pink door/dilly bar kind of day :)


Anonymous said...

Sounds like the perfect day!


Shelley said...

It is good to get out and about at times...real

Shanna said...

I loved that PINK door, too!!!

Stephanie said...

Sounds like a great day to me, it's always nice to get out, no matter how small the trip.

Living Creatively said...

Sounds like a fabulous Sara-day!
Love the door, and the wreath.
Girl, I stopped by the most awesome shop in San Antonio, on the Riverwalk. As I glanced around, I could picture every item on your your house! I think it was called Eclectic Art. Stop by if you ever get the chance!
Love, love, love it.
Really, I need more spaces to redo. As soon as I get inspired, the walls become a different color.. sometimes before I've even completed the last color!!
You always leave me with a smile.

The Dreaming Bear said...

Love it! Sounds like the perfect day to me!!!

Sarah said...

I love those kind of days! So glad you could enjoy it!

knack said...

i thought i spotted a cherry dilly bar :) whoever was eating that is a person after aunt barbie's very own heart! :)

fun day!