Monday, August 2, 2010

weekend fun, a recipe, and giveaway info

A favorite spot of ours {Sweet Tomatoes} called out to us (with an e-mail containing a coupon) on Saturday. YUM, love Sweet Tomatoes. I know so many people get grossed out at a buffet- but this one is a goooood buffet. Salads, salad bar, sourdough bread, soups, muffins, dark chocolate frozen yogurt, strawberry lemonade, specialty iced teas......

(I don't know why he is rolling his eyes....perhaps because he gets sick of me snapping pictures while he is eating that he knows will be published on the Internet??)

And in return- he snapped a picture of me. Only I am the happiest person in the world because by a trick of lighting and angle there are no double chins!!!!! I love you, Dave, and your magical photography skills!!!!

This will be the photo I show my grandchildren. See kids, this is me and my sourdough bread, back in the summer of '10....see how I had no extra chins back then?! (for the real sara click here...that way, if you see me in real life you won't be surprised)

Guess who came home! All in one piece- from camp!!!!!!!!!!! We are so glad to have him back. He had a wonderful time. I am thanking the Lord for that!!! It was the hugest blessing to hear the kids and teenagers yesterday at church sharing their testimonies.

We celebrated with the Banana Split Ice Cream Cake.

Oh! And we made the Grilled Chicken with Lemon Basil Pasta last week! YUM. But only if you really like lemon. I LOVED this meal. Dave was a little iffy about the pasta- too lemony for him.

p.s. a little giveaway fun for you:

Steph at Jonquils and Ladybugs (one of my favorite blogs ever, one of my favorite quilters ever, and a sponsor of sara's art*house!!!!!!!!!!!) is having a giveaway of some fabric scraps. And if you have ever seen any of her quilts- you would want just a few scraps of the gorgeous-ness.

Tomorrow: in honor of my new sponsor- Dori of Dreaming Bear Designs - I am hosting a giveaway with a bunch of cute, cute, colorful goodies that Dori made and is donating to one of YOU!!! Can't wait! Can't wait! (you will love it- I am jealous- I want to win!!!!!!!!!!!!)


joeandkris513 said...

The picture of you is fantastic! And Sweet Tomatoes sounds amazing. I am excited about your giveaway. If I hadn't known when I browsed her Etsy shop...I would have thought it belonged to you!

DJ said...

Wow! You look like a size-one model!
And you're eating at a buffet???
That is SO not fair... :-)
Thanks for the recipe references, for those of us who can't eat at a buffet and look like a size-one model, ahem.
Glad your baby made it home from camp safely.

misss_e said...

Oh my that looks delish! You are looking great as well! Be blessed!

gypsy@Hebrews11:13 said...

That is an awesome photo of you. And to top it off you are wearing HORIZONTAL STRIPES!!!!!! How do you do it?!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Sweet Tomatoes!!! Their shrimp bisque is AWESOME and chocolate muffin/cake with hot fudge sauce over top.....YUMMY!!!!

Lauren said...

Love your striped vest/shirt? Cute! And how sweet of you to make a WELCOME HOME sign for your baby! Of course you can come create in my art room! How much fun would THAT be?! Oh, could you bring some of your amazing looking Banana Split Ice Cream treat?...Just make a whole container for me! :)

Ruth said...

Sounds like the best buffet ever. We don't have anything like that near us. You look great in your picture!!!

The dessert looks so yummy!! Can't wait for the giveaway.


Stephanie said...

Ooo... I want to go to Sweet Tomatoes! We need one here.

That's a great photo of you, love the black and white stripes!

withpatience said...

We had Lemon Basil Grilled Chicken last week too--Pioneer Woman--Love her recipes!

Ann said...

Oh Sara....I usually see you when I look at Wes, but Dave's face - that's TOTALLY Wes. I laughed out loud when I saw it. :-)

The Dreaming Bear said...

You guys are so cute!!! Aw man, we were near a Sweet Tomatoes in Chicago...but we went somewhere I know I need to go back!