Monday, July 19, 2010

your questions answered (about my bedroom makeover)

Sadie likes the new look in the bedroom

Where did you get the floral quilt? A thrift store.

What color green did you use for the dresser? Krylon spray paint in Pistachio

Did you sand the dresser before painting? No. I always try the easy way first. It usually works about 70% of the time. The other 30% of the time I have to go back and do it over :) So far, so good- the dresser makes me smile every time I enter our bedroom. (I SERIOUSLY CAN'T WAIT TO SPRAY PAINT EVERYTHING IN THE HOUSE! :) :)


DJ said...

Uh-oh! Sara has been bitten by the spray-paint bug!
Enjoy, sweetheart...and always use proper ventilation. Watch out for your shoes, too; as you already know, the particles float in the fumes!
The bedroom looks great; Sadie & I are going down for a nap, now.
Have fun ~

Mary said...

Sara, I saw you left a comment on my precious friend Cristie's blog. "For His Glory" Please keep them in your prayers, and when you get the chance stop by her blog and say hi!!!


Jessica said...

Love what you have done!

By the way, I found the Krylon paint at WalMart for $2.67 a can...I guess that is their normal price. Seems really cheap?! The color selection was fabulous. I stood their trying to come up with new projects just so I could buy several different colors!

Blessings to you and yours!!!