Sunday, July 25, 2010

kindergarten chic

My sister in law posted this picture of her kitchen and my niece's adorable little corner. My 9 year old niece and I have pretty much the same style when it comes to decorating. In her room she has paper lanterns and a whimsical pennant banner. I have decided it is a compliment that I have the same style as a 9 year old girl- what can I say? Kindergarten Chic has become 4th grade chic :) I told her I just hope she doesn't grow out of it- ever!!

(although, I have to say, that frame on the chalkboard looks like it needs some paint & polka dots, Miss Jenna :)

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justin, jake and jenna's mom said...

Wow! We're famous now!!! I just saw this :D I somehow do not think that she will outgrow's totally her personality. I LOVE it too :D