Tuesday, July 27, 2010

girls only stay-cation

Dave's parents have moved much closer to us- they are now about 4 hours from us instead of on the other side of the country! We look forward to making many trips to see them. We were all supposed to go to their house this past week, but our littlest was sick. So I stayed home with her while Dave and the boys went and helped them move in.

We were very sad at first, the girls and I (the 4 year old and Sadie). We really did want to go and see everyone.

But then I realized that with one on the couch watching cartoons and getting her rest, and the boys out of the house, Sadie and I could do whatever we wanted!!!!

This is what we (I) did:
(Sadie pretty much sat on the couch and watched cartoons too)

#1- made the salad that I have been dying to try but know that no one else in the house will touch it.......

Pioneer Woman's Favorite Salad Ever, Ever, Ever (or- Asian Noodle Salad)! It is so yummy! I highly recommend it- (although, like always, I left out a few things- most importantly the soy sauce...but it was still really good)

They left on Thursday and got back Saturday. So I made a huge bowl of the salad, stored the salad, noodles, and dressing separately, so when I got hungry I just fixed myself a bowl & some of that crusty bread. YUM! Perfect. I could live off of it (and I did for 3 days...except for that frozen pizza we had...and the snikerdoodles...and the pistachio pudding....)

#2- I got to get out my crafty stuff....I have been using these little goodies for awhile and have to tell you about them. This adhesive paper is pure genius. I am always, always cutting out paper and taping/gluing it to something. To be able to skip the taping/gluing step- that is priceless- just cut (or even rip) the paper, take off the backing and stick it on! LOVE it.

And then the fabric covered brads- I love these too. So much fun.

It was really nice to have time to make some cards.

I was also able to get all of the laundry done in the whole house--- AND folded---and put away. What a good feeling. And then there was the cleaning and ironing. When have I ever had time to just iron things ahead of time? It was the best feeling to take care of my house like it needed to be taken care of.

Towards the end of the weekend, I was adding cheese and bacon to the salad....there are so many different combos to try- but my favorite ingredients were the scallions (green onion) and the cilantro --things my darling Dave would never eat. I think it has just become a tradition- when Dave is away, this salad will get made.

If you can ever get stuck at home by yourself (or nearly by yourself...honestly, I did not totally neglect my precious daughter- she did sleep in my room on the floor :) It will be the best thing to happen to you. I feel like I am ahead of the game at my house for the time being. It is a nice feeling. And it made me see how important these things are to keep up with. Sunday was a much better day since I had everything ironed, cleaned, food prepared....etc.

I have also been making decisions to weed out unnecessary things in my life so that I can keep the house the peaceful and calm place that it needs to be. We, as woman, pretty much decide whether our house is chaotic or peaceful (and I am not talking about the noise level my kids make!). But the more we dedicate to our families and houses, the smoother things will flow for everyone. The more we gallivant all over town doing everything all the time with everybody- no wonder our families feel frayed and strained and stressed.

Sorry to preach at you- I am only preaching to myself. I felt like when I was made to stay at home under those circumstances- it was such a peaceful and right thing- getting back to the basics- having enough time to read my Bible and pray- having enough time to sit with my 4 year old and read and talk. Priceless.


Becky@Beyond The Picket Fence said...

What fun, love those cards!

withpatience said...

Sarah, I feel the exact same way about decluttering my life so our home will be more peaceful--only I have so much to do with the daily things that getting some of the extras done seems impossible at times. I keep plugging away at it though and little by little spots of peace appear;-) I found Pioneer Woman recently too;-) and have made several recipes--tonight is the Lemon Basil Grilled Chicken. My mouth is already watering in anticipation;-) I will add that yummy salad to our list of recipes to try also. It looks so delicious!

Katie Barker said...

The cards are great! Did you use the sticky paper on those or did you just use the brad to hold them all in place?

gypsy@Hebrews11:13 said...

I LOVE Pioneer Woman recipes!!!!! I also love that you save the ones you know your fam won't eat and wait to try it when you are alone:) Bet it felt great to get ALL the laundry done. Can't imagine what that felt like.....maybe someday:)

lori vliegen said...

that sounds like my kind of party.....pizza, crafts, and i'm hoping a little chocolate mixed in there......glad you had fun with your girls (and hope your little one is feeling better now!). xox, :))

The Dreaming Bear said...

Hey there Miss Sara! It's been fun catching up with you again! Thanks for the shout out!! So glad you had some one on one time with your little one. I adore having my children to myself....the interaction is just different..it's deeper and more meaningful, and you can say cheesy things to them that might normally embarass them. Tee hee. (I have teens...one day you will know what I mean)

Stephanie said...

When I have the chance to get my house in order, I know it makes me a happier person. Glad you had some time to make everything run a bit smoother and happier.