Wednesday, June 23, 2010

martina's quilt

Martina sent me this photo of a small quilt she had made. I absolutely love the flowers! Look at each one- gorgeous! She was inspired by my print......

And this print was inspired by the lyrics from Dave's song, God's Plan. I love how Martina had fun with the flowers- and she did say she wished she used thread with more contrast for the words- but I kind of like that in a quilt- you have to get up close and almost trace the words with your fingers- the thoughts are sewed right into the piece. Thanks, Martina for sharing your quilt with me :) Beautiful! (you can meet Martina at her sweet blog, sunshine quilting, where she blogs in German and English)


Martina said...

Oh thank you Sara for your sweet words and giving my little quilt a place on your blog!
Would love to help you with the cupboards!Lol!
Be blessed

Megan Walker said...

Wow, I think Martina's quilt is just *BEAUTIFUL* and I think it's so neat that she got her inspiration from your lovely, inspired work, and you got yours from your beloved Dave! Thanks for sharing :)