Wednesday, June 9, 2010

it is what do we do?

Today is the third day of summer vacation for us!!!!!!!! I am trying to put plans into place.....we started baseball last night..and ballet starts next week- so that will keep us busy. And our 9 year old gets to go to camp for the first time this year!!!!!!!!

I am looking at the summer as if it were done and what would I have wanted to accomplish?

Here is my list:

+that I would have gotten the boys room completely done (painted, new *thrifted* bedding, things on the wall, window treatments, and desks set up)
+that we will have had some fun field trips- seen new things and been new places
+that we spent lots of time with our friends....going to parks, museums, picnics
+that we made treats and crafts and shared them with people who would enjoy them
+that we got to the beach at least 3 times (being 2 hours from the beach, we have not gone enough)
+that we tried lots of fruits and veggies as we continued to eat through the alphabet
+that we continued our Bible memorization; learning 2 new passages.
+that I did not strangle the kids (!)
+that I put the effort into teaching the kids new crafts or art projects like this, and this
+that we will have met some new friends at the park & around town.
+that the kids will have kept up with their reading logs from the library
+that we will have found ways to serve and help others, together as a family
+that we will have spent more time outside then in
+that we will do those science experiments that I have been putting off!

I will still have them do their chores each day, we will still do devotions together in the morning. God's Word is soooo precious and something we NEED every single day! Even Saturdays...which I have been very convicted about. I seldom remind the kids to read their Bible on Saturday. But that is like having a relationship with your husband and not bothering to talk to him or listen to him on a certain day!

We are going to focus on the fruits of the Spirit; love, joy, on some character qualities that have been lacking in our house. Such as showing love to others- putting others first...etc.

We will also continue to have our quiet time- 1-2 hours everyday. This is where the kids spend the time quietly in their rooms; playing or reading. This helps mom (and them too) have that needed alone time to rejuvenate for the rest of the day.

These things; meals, chores, devotion/story time, quiet time- give our day some structure and help mom keep her sanity!!!! But also, in the summer we can be much more flexible and switch things around if needed, or have them put off chores for awhile in order to play outside in the coolness of the morning.

What are your summer plans?


Jennifer said...

sounds like you have good plans. i plan on doing some minor tutoring (nothing to stress them), camp, having people over (practicing hospitality since we can't do it at nights), playing with friends, maybe another small trip....we'll just see.

Sara @ The Football Wife said...

We're taking Ellie to the beach - hopefully she won't eat the sand this year! I'm helping my mama run a SUMMER CAMP for MOMS in July and then I'm heading to NYC in August for the BlogHer convention. :)

Living Creatively said...

Great plans-- and I love the Summer Fun Ideas on the side of your counter. You are always so full of fun & joy!

We're heading to South Padre Island with the kiddos. Can't wait!

mrs.pabody said...

We have family camp next week (yay!), teen mission trip two weeks after that, junior camp mid-July, VBS the week after that, teen camp in August. . . in between we are growing a garden with Trey, reading zillions of books, and. . . oh yes! We are having a baby. (Lord willing!!!) :)
I miss you, Sara! <3

Lindsay - Paint Me A Picture said...

Sounds like a wonderful Summer ahead.

My plans = stay cool + have this BABY!

Cindy @ Chalk it Up! said...

You are always such an inspiration! I love that you started backwards with what you hope to have accomplished. Great idea!

I wrote a list that has mysteriously disappeared...
I thought it would be fun to teach the kids some spanish this summer. We're starting with a word a day!:)
They will be on a summer swim team, five days a week, one hour. And I think we will end our day with a walk around the lake (with puppy:)) at a beautiful nearby park.
Hopefully we'll take some trips to the beach too.:) And always get some reading time in there.
Have a great summer!