Tuesday, June 15, 2010

give thanks

Lately some discontent has been seeping into my life....there is no reason- and the more blessed I am, it seems like the more I find to complain about. Shame on me! The cure for discontent?!?!?


In everything give thanks.........it is like I take the one thing that is frustrating me and focus on that- mull it over in my mind...complain about it in my mind- when there are millions of things to thank God for !

I am thankful for: God's love**my husband**my kids**FOOD!**our sweet house**flowers**the sun**birds**God's forgiveness**chalkboard paint**watermelon**Grandparents**poodles**Freedom to read the Bible**paint**Thrift Stores**rainbows**Target**friends**much, much more........


DJ said...

So true. So easy to fall into the compaining trap, thinking we know how the world should work.
Then something happens and we go running to Him, like a kid who's skinned their knee. And He reminds us of our smallness beside His Power & Grace.

Oh, yeh: Love that first collage above, girlfriend!

Monica said...

If this were Facebook I'd press the like button...over and over and over again! :)