Thursday, June 3, 2010

eating the alphabet randomly [C c] + [R r]

We have been eating through the alphabet (see A here and B here) using Lois Ehlert's book as a guide. We decided that we will not have to do the letters in order and we will not have to get all the fruits and vegetables mentioned. It just so happened that when we went to the grocery store, we found some of the C foods and also some R foods- so we went with that and had a nice little C & R feast.

raspberries, radish, & rutabaga!

radish roses!

little radish, provolone, & basil tartines (basic idea from here)
These little things were tasty......just not according to everyone in the house

radish place card holder

raspberry pavlova! (best tasting dessert ever!)

radish roses (I basically had no idea what I was doing...but they were fun to cut)

carrot sticks

we also had...corn on the cob & cole slaw (made with carrots & cabbage)

I found the pavlova in Cook Yourself Thin. It is sincerely delectable! Try it. Next time, I am going to try it without the cocoa powder and chocolate sauce and by adding more berries; strawberries, blueberries...peaches would be good too. (if you click on the picture you should be able to read the recipe)

Mincy Family Grades:

Corn- A+
Carrot- A+
Cole Slaw- Me- A, everyone else- F
Radish- Me- A, everyone else- F (do you see a trend here? They must have Daddy's taste buds)
Rutabaga......this was the shocker....Me and everyone else- D-..........Dave B+. He liked rutabaga! I made them with potatoes and used this recipe (roasted roots). They were OK- but have a strong taste (I think) and smell.
Raspberries- A+ by everyone.

Good for you, Dave, for eating your rutabaga!!! (and I know you'll kill me for this picture, so I will just say- I will make you some more pavlova, rutabaga, and corn on the cob, how about that?!?!)

Any other closet rutabaga lovers out there? And who is going to promise to try the pavlova???


Bethany said...

Hmm... rutabaga...I don't know! The pavlova sounds and looks delicious!
Definitely corn gets an A+ from me!
Carrots A+ (but I like them better raw than cooked!)
Never tried rutabaga or radishes, but I love trying new veggies & fruits!
And last but not least raspberries definitely get an A+
(Eating through the alphabet sounds fun! I might have to try it sometime!)

Lauren said...

I love your food activities! And I love how creative you are with everyone a chance to just taste test is super! Your table settings are always fun and inviting! I want to come eat at your house! :)

mrs.pabody said...

We're eating lots of rhubarb right now (with lots of sugar!) and i sometimes get mixed up and call it rutabaga. does that count? ;)

Morgan Lea @ GloryFIlled said...

you are too cute.Love your blog!I'm loyal!!Not so loyal to writing in my own.I spend too much time reading all the others.

Marie@PoutyPinkPrincess said...

What an adorable table scape!!! I just love your eating the alphabet idea even though I would have to pass on the rutabaga! haha!

Jenn A said...

Rutabaga is a family Thanksgiving tradition. My mother-in-law makes them kind of like mashed potatoes, but not everyone likes them. I think they are ok the way she fixes them. Rutabaga is also a main ingredient in traditional pasties. My husband and I LOVE pasties with gravy. They are a wonderful cold weather food! Here is a link to a recipe for pasties:,221,155181-232200,00.html

Stephanie said...

The pavola looks incredible, the rutabaga I've never tried, but I would. I really love this idea of eating the alphabet. I'll defintely have to do this with Jackson in a few years.

Lindsay - Paint Me A Picture said...

Fun! I think I saw a strawberry rutabaga pie somewhere, I will try it that way :)