Friday, May 21, 2010

The Whimsy Cottage

Where can you go to find a selection of the cutest whimsical fabric, notions, sewing books, and patterns? The Whimsy Cottage, of course! I am happy to introduce you to Sara..............

I have enjoyed following Sara's blog for awhile- she is a great writer and very funny. So when I discovered she started an online store- I was excited for her and am a big fan already. Here is what she says:

Growing up in Central Pennsylvania, my appreciation for vintage style and fabric began at an early age. The small town we lived in had O.R. Laney's 5 & 10 and our favorite place to buy fabric was (and still is) Verna's Fabric Shop.

The tin ceilings, hardwood floors, and candy counters of O.R. Laney's were a magical place for me as a child. My fondest memory is of Mrs. Hassinger weighing my candy corn -- she had the prettiest white hair.

Going to Verna's was always very special. I can remember seeing the clotheslines filled with dresses -- there were 17 children in their family afterall! With a horse and buggy hitched outside, inside you'll find cottons in a rainbow of colors, bonnets, wooden toys, & suspenders for the boys. The Whimsy Cottage is my way of bringing these places to you -- minus the horses.

Check out these adorable vintage dishtowels! You can see them here and remember my Birthday is June 26......:) They are on sale too....and I love that you get a set of 4.

My favorite! Already becoming one of the family- remember the garland........

There is my own Snippets Red Polka Dot 5th from the left. I am happy with my purchase, and the customer service was great.

Dog Dots Blue- so cute!

And look at this adorable pattern (Are you taking notes, Mom?!)

I am happy to say that The Whimsy Cottage is a new sponsor of the art*house- so please go and have a little visit to this adorable country store and be inspired! I would love to know what you think and what you would buy- I already bought my number one polka dot favorite- but number 2 would definitely be the vintage towels- or maybe an Amy Butler pattern??!


Stephanie said...

Vert cute stuff!

Sue said...

I love love love those vintage towels! All her stuff is cute. I am bookmarking that one :). I still can't stop thinking about those great dishes from Dayspring that you mentioned one time. Do you have some? Wondering about the quality. I think I want my whole kitchen red, yellow, white, blue, green, black (of course), and orange.

Joyeful said...

Oh my! I love those vintage dishtowels!! So many adorable things!!

I love that garland you made as well!! So cheerful!!
And thank you, Sara, for your encouragement! It's nice to know we're not alone : )

Jennifer DeDonato said...

That garland is so awesome! I have been wanting to make one for so long.

Monica said...

Were your ears burning Friday am? Mary and I visited some fabric stores, and in one of them I kept seeing all these fabrics that looked just like you! You would have loved it!