Thursday, May 20, 2010

tiny treats

A sweet friend gave me a copy of Tiny Treats. What an adorable little book of ideas!

cute candy flowers....

stick those flowers in a cone "pot"

doughnuts out of..........cheerios!!!

jello watermelon slices with lime peels!


These tiny treats are on our list of "things to do this summer"
(and we need to get that list ready- only 10 days left of school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Who is out of school already? Do you have any plans for the kids?


P.S. the owl is for sale and looking for a good home (although he has found a happy place on my wall for the time being)

p.p.s. We went to the art museum last week and the best part?!?! The wall of their restaurant! Love that hay!


Jane said...

The donuts kill me! I think those will have to become stocking stuffers!

justin, jake and jenna's mom said...

cute tiny treats....I think we have that book somewhere too. Maybe that should be a summer project for us too! :)

redeemed diva said...

Ever cute. I love that hay-wall

Anonymous said...

We're past our 180 days, but we're still doing some little things. It's nice, though, not to be doing the whole load! I typically set-up my school schedule so that we hit day 180 on the last Friday in April. Love it!!!

Stephanie said...

The hay wall is amazing, love it! And those doughnuts, I think I could actually eat a whole dozen and not gain a pound! hahaha