Tuesday, May 18, 2010

painting & pizza

mmmmmmm chocolate brown, orange, yellow, green, cream mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Chicken Caesar pizza

bake a pizza crust- cool a little
spread on Caesar dressing
add some cooked chicken (cook chicken coated in Caesar dressing)
top with romaine, shredded mozzarella, pepper, & Parmesan.

mmmm- another good food network recipe! That picture looks awful- but it was good.


Jennifer DeDonato said...

sometimes you just need some chocolate brown, orange, yellow, green, cream...and some pizza.

Lindsay - Paint Me A Picture said...

OH yum!

I had a great pasta salad this weekend and thought of you. I will share soon!

misss_e said...

Ooo that looks divine....

Keri said...

Nevermind, I don't have the ingredients and I'm not doing the grocery store with a 3 year old and 3 month old. But soon - it looks delicious!