Saturday, May 1, 2010

from the archives:::June 2008

Hope you are not getting sick of my trip down memory lane...... We will be back soon.


Glaceau Vitamin Water- We love this stuff! I am happy to finally have a drink of choice! There are the latte loonies, and the Diet Coke Addicts, the Starbucks crazies (who else can I offend...), Oh yes, the Chai tea chickens...and the Barley Green Nerds :)

So Dave and I have found something to drink (he has quit Diet Coke if you haven't heard). Try it, you will like it- so many flavors and funny things to read on the bottle.

Glamor magazine called and they want this photo for their cover. I said, OK OK, just as long as you give Target the credit for the sunglasses (yes, they fit over my regular glasses as long as I wear them upside down).

What is your drink of choice? Do you have an addiction you would like to admit to????


Catherine Anne said...

Love photos of looking back. Great Pic Sara!

Anonymous said...

So fun! How did he quit Diet Coke!? I need to, got a bad addiction here!

Jenn said...

That stuff is SOOOO bad for you! Vitamin water is a false name to make you think it's healthy. I had an addiction to it too at one point and then started getting horrible urinary tract infections. I realized how much sugar content there was and how many calories (1/4 your daily intake!) I gave it up, cold turkey. I am not trying to burst your bubble, do some research. And if you still want it, it's your vice and I know how those can be. For my husband, it's Energy drinks, ARGH!
For me, now, it's green smoothies. Guess I'm a nerd! :0)