Sunday, May 2, 2010

from the archives:::Aug 2008:::: why clean a window when you can paint one??

And why finish projects that need to be done when there is something more fun to start!?!?

All of this frivolity is about to end- SCHOOL STARTS MONDAY!!!! Are we ready? Yes, we are ready to get back to a regular schedule- we are ready for the kids to stay busy and challenged.

I know I won't have as much time to do silly things like paint on windows- so this is the day to do it :) The fun part of painting on windows is that it looks so pretty, colorful, and different on the inside and outside. And it is fairly easy to remove (I just use acrylic paint). When you want to take it off you spray with Windex and let it soak pretty good, then scrape carefully with a spatula.

The hard thing about painting on a window is that you cannot be a perfectionist. Every little stroke shows, so you have to just go with it and be happy with the streaks and mistakes and enjoy the color.
A little more on juggling the many, many things in our lives. Dave and I have decided that we have to make concrete goals and then set aside specific times to work on these things. This fall we are setting aside a chunk of time each week for Dave to work on music while I watch the kids, and then also a time for me to work on my art.

This means setting aside family times too- that is very important to us- because it is SO easy for Dave and I to want to work creatively and let the kids run wild :) We know that God wants balance, and this is what we are praying for wisdom about! Wisdom to spend enough time with the kids, to disciple them, to teach them, to love them, to tell them how great our God is!
Sometimes it seems that there are so many fire to put out. But this is where the planning and getting up early comes in handy. Having clear goals and lists of steps to getting closer to that goal are so helpful. When I do not have any goals for a day, it seems like time is spent on meaningless things. A good day would be one where I have written a list of the important things to get done:

Have devotion time with the kids (but I have to plan this too, or it could be wasted time!)
**decide on the verses we need to memorize
**think about what areas my kids need help in- like being kind, waiting a turn. Then use that for a role play activity or find a verse to learn about this
**Help the kids think about how they can pray to the Lord- "We need to thank God for SO many things! What can we thank Him for today? -or- we really have a need in this area ___- how could God help us? What kind of power does He have? How should we pray for that certain need?"

Moving on to my list (getting up early has helped me in this area- getting my heart right with God, and then making the list of important things to do.)

Stay at home moms have a HUGE job just in keeping focus! There is so much to do! But not all of it needs to get done today.

All of that rambling was about as clear as mud....:) But I think my point is that God has plans for us- and He will help us in this area if we give it over to Him and ask Him for help in prioritizing- He will give peace about the right things and unrest about things that don't matter, or that waste our time. I do believe that if you have a creative talent, that He will allow you to use this and take joy in this!

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