Friday, May 28, 2010

food for the soul

I just love a good devotional book. I know I need to dig into the Bible more on my own....and I am working on that with baby steps- I did get a concordance out the other day (our 4 year old sits on that mammoth book to be high enough at the table- is that awful??...well at least I knew where it was)

But to be able to pick up a book that has a verse and then applies this verse to my life!?! I love this. My sweet Aunt Connie and Uncle Gerry work for Positive Action for Christ and they gave me this book, Apples for Teachers (by Frank Hamrick), which Positive Action puts out. I absolutely love this book. Really, I think it applies to parents as well- and just about wisdom in general and how to live out this wisdom in your life- each day takes a Proverb and explains it and expounds on it. I love the focus on scripture...this is where we are going to get wisdom to make the right choices- wisdom to say the right thing. Wisdom to parent!!!! Lately I have been overwhelmed with my lack of wisdom as a parent-and realizing HOW MUCH prayer and help from God it is going to take to raise them in the right way.

We have been trying to work on character development in our house. The kids just seem (and for sure they get it from me) to be selfish! I know- what a shock- we are all selfish- but you know what I mean - there are some days when you just want to tear your hair out because of the fighting. Today I picked up Apples for Teachers and the title for "apple 53" (there are 180 devotions or apples in all) was Wisdom in Character Development....I can't type the whole devotional, but this reminder was a good one:

Teachers, begin with a list of Christ's qualities and work on them with the class: kindness, gentleness, consistency, obedience, serving others, meditation, prayer, and putting others first.

See, this is the kind of reminder I need each day- this is a positive way to develop the character- instead of harping on all the things that are wrong, wrong, wrong!!! I need to focus on what Jesus is like- take the lead and start the day off talking about Jesus and what He would do.

We got this little devotional book {Gospel Meditations for Women by Chris Anderson and Joe Tyrpak} for Mother's Day at church. I have really enjoyed going through each day and reading the suggested passage and then hearing what the authors have to say about a number of different topics.

The one that stood out to me was the devotion entitled: The Fool-Proof Test of Godliness...want to know what it is? Should I make you buy one to find out? OK- I will tell you....according to James, true religion is demonstrated by controlling your tongue- and it gives lots of scripture to back this up- wow- what a conviction to me. Each devotion boils the topic down to how the Gospel can affect our lives. So for that particular day, the last line was: let the Gospel affect your speech. And there are others; let the Gospel affect you view of fellow sinners....let the Gospel remind you of God's great love....

This is a good one! I would recommend it. You can order one here for $2.50.


I am getting a giveaway together--I have ordered some Apples for Teachers and will giveaway 2 of those and some of that red polka dot fabric...and there was something else too...., can't think of it right now......check back next week, probably Tues.

Have a happy Memorial Weekend!


Sara aka Football Wife aka The Whimsy Cottage said...

My soul is so hungry, Sara. Thanks for posting this -- I will definitely be on the lookout for those devotionals.

For your giveaway -- you keep YOUR fabric. Let me ship a yard out to your winner!

Paige said...

Those sound great! I too love a devotional book/guide that when I pick it up is a reminder of what I need to hear. Thanks for sharing!

Andy & Kellie Smith said...

Sara---I do love that fabric however, if I win I will need someone to make something out of it for me as you know I am not a seamstrist!! The devotional, I will have no problemo reading and the eye pillow---no problem using it whatsoever!! Thanks for the giveaway, maybe I will be blessed in winning this time!