Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Dave (from the archives:::Dec 2007)

Here it is, my first artist interview, with my favorite artist and person of all time! Dave has been writing songs for years, and I have no idea how many he has written. All I know is that we have a couple big file cabinets in our house filled with his music. His first pieces are carefully hand written out in pencil, and of course his newest work is all done on his computer.

We, as his family get the privilege of hearing the birth of a song from start to finish. Lets just say that I have these songs completely memorized after hearing them get hammered out again and again! I love this, though, and I love to hear our kids going around the house singing and humming one of Daddy's songs.

Dave and I (newly engaged, and at a band concert that he directed)

Sara: What is your earliest memory of writing music?
Dave: 8th 0r 9th grade....,my dad preached a sermon on "Come unto me all ye that labor"....so I wrote a song about that.

This was taken about 6 years ago...Dave and our oldest son

S: What inspires you?
D: The 2 biggest influences in my song writing are good preaching and personal circumstances that God is putting me or others close to me through.

What inspires me is to hear musicians play and sing with passion, conviction and emotion.

S: What did you want to be when you grew up?
D: I knew that music would be a big part of my life, and that is as clear as it was...and still is. God has also given me an enjoyment for business, so I am in both.

S: Who do you think had the most influence on your music?
D: It would have been my mom- she made me get up at 5:30 in the morning and practice piano.

S: What needs to be in place for you to create?
D: A good message or major life event needs to intersect with time that I have to think ....mowing the grass or doing mundane tasks that allow me to mull over the life message and think of words....

S: Your ideal studio?
D: A room off the side of a large family room....glass doors that could recede into the soundproof wall. Yamaha C7 Grand- used to record and also play for others. That way we could open it up for singing with friends, almost like a stage that opens up into a room.

Dave with his drug of choice- Diet Coke (what's the sippy cup for....sneaking more Coke away from the restaurant, Dave?)

Dave's first CD....hymns played with quiet piano

Most recent CD- listen to it at mincymedia.com

Hey it is my blog- I can add a wedding photo if I want :)

Thanks Dave for letting me interview you (you had no choice, right?!). I am thankful for this man and the way that he wants to use his music only to glorify the Lord. It makes a huge difference to hear someone actually singing a song straight to the Lord, rather than just singing a song that is about the Lord with little feeling. I feel like Dave truly lives what he wrote about in this song- Then I Will Praise You.
Then I Will Praise You

Would you take away my song for some unforgotten wrong?
While I seek You through my tears, wash away my wasted years.
Tune my heart to sing again, free from guilt and free from sin.

Then I will praise You,
I will glorify Your Name
in all my ways, with all my days.
I offer now this solemn vow,
to live a life that brings You praise.

Without You I cannot sing, for what purpose would it bring?
My ambitions all are vain
if the world is all I gain.
Cause my life to mirror You by the things I say and do.

I will walk the narrow way, pay my vow with each new day.
See the bottle of my tears,
buying back the wasted years.
Christ the theme of all I sing, more to me than anything.

And I praise You,

I glorify Your Name
In all my ways with all my days.
In this hour, I pay my vow
to live a life that brings You praise.

A lot has happened since I posted this in '07.....check out DaveMincy.com to see all of his CDs.....and here is another song you have to hear..............


lori vliegen said...

wonderful interview.....and your wedding picture fit in beautifully!! you two are such a cute couple! and my heart is absolutely melting over that love song that dave wrote for you.....SO SWEET! going to wipe the tears from my eyes now..... xox, :))

Lauren said...

Wow! Your own love song? How beautiful! What a lovely post!

Debby said...

Such a beautiful heartfelt love song.