Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Crispy! {flowers by Crispy}

My new California friend, Crispy! What a creative lady, she is. Wow- her flower arrangements are gorgeous- and cutting edge- you have to check out the photos.

She is known for her hats- and she made sure I had one too. (love it!)

And look at the arrangement she made for me! Gorgeous- I could not pick anything better- the colors, the texture..the sprigs of oregano!

We were instantly friends and she put me right to work. I learned a lot by watching her, but believe me, I did not know what I was doing!

She is a sweet and generous lady- brings piles of flowers to decorate church functions- each table at the reception after Dave's concert had at least half a dozen white roses and other flowers. Then the other ladies of the church get to take the fresh flowers home.

But the best part is her love of Jesus. I only got to meet Crispy and be with her for a day, but she told me about how she led her brother to the Lord. How she pleaded with him and told him she loved him and wanted him to know the love of Jesus too.

Thanks, Crispy for your kindness. For your color and style and love for Jesus. I was inspired by meeting you and how you share your art and flowers with others.

I am hoping we will get to come back to CA- and next time, I am going to visit your flower shop- and take lots of pictures!


Speaking of the hats..............

Nancy & I at a sweet mother/daughter tea party (thank goodness for Crispy's hat- just in time- what is a tea party without a hat?! :)


Debby said...

Crsipy looks like a fun person. Flowers are beautiful. I like your new banner.

Stephanie said...

Gorgeous flowers, she does do beautiful work. Seems like such a fun lady!