Saturday, May 8, 2010

CA food, people, more food....

Congratulations, Mom & Dad Mincy on your retirement! Everyone else was so sad that you will have to leave CA- but we are happy- we will be on the same coast!!! A beautiful program was put on for their benefit and to really celebrate the great 33 years that they faithfully served in CA.

So good to see Mindy and Adam, my MBBC buddies!

Yessssss- In-N-Out burger!

The church where we stayed and had the concert- right downtown San Fran. I am telling you, the people of this church welcomed us and showed us such wonderful hospitality. We enjoyed every minute of our time with them. Thank you, HSBC for everything!

with Dave's sister Sarah and the beautiful green bench!
Sarah has blogged a bunch of CA pics here

fave CA Mexican: Chevy's

with my sister in law Barb (she has pics from CA too on her blog, Knack)

new friends, Florence and Crispy (more on Crispy later- she needs a whole post)

Yummy cake and lots of good food after the concert

Dave practicing with the choir

With Dr. & Mrs. Innes

And another sister in law! Trish. I have lots of beautiful & talented sister in laws! She has a blog too, here.

mmmm bruchetta and a yummy Italian salad....

We went to this great Italian place with the Pelletiers (Dan & Chris & Hope; friends from when we lived on Guam), and new friends; Deb & Brian Kelley, and Raymond- the organist.

Mmmmm- tomato, avocado, cream cheese bagel at our little breakfast bakery. And don't worry, I have given up the evil vitamin water for Naked Juice- scrumptious!

The great thing about California is that pretty much wherever you go, you can find some fresh and yummy and healthy food- juice bars, or a salad place, or a whole foods.....I was so inspired by all of the fresh fruit, veggies, herbs.....

Mmmmmm- salad and fresh mozzarella, tomato & basil pizza from whole foods

Also, I was introduced to the Food Network while we were on our flight- watched 4 straight hours of it and am hooked. Now I know why people actually pay for cable! We are more of the netflix & redbox people. But I found that I can watch a lot of clips on And even better --see the recipes.

My favorite-ist?!?!?

Quick Fix Meals with Robin Miller

This lady is a genius! Every single thing she makes looks delicious- easy too- but she uses a lot of fresh, healthy ingredients.

Enough about food! Our trip was wonderful besides the good food- the people we saw and met were even better. Our kids were well taken care of by our very sweet friends- who I am sure are lying through their teeth when they said the kids were "good"! So I definitely have them to thank for the fact that we had a relaxing trip- knowing the kids were well cared for is a huge deal.

Next year, same time, same place? Everyone OK with that?!? :)


Stephanie said...

Really sounds like you had a wonderful time. I was surprised to hear that you don't have cable, well it's not really surprising, but that must mean you don't get Home and garden either. You would love that channel, all the home make overs, I can watch that channel for hours!

justin, jake and jenna's mom said...

YES!! Let's meet again next year :) I can't believe you haven't seen Food network before!? All of your food pictures have my mouth watering!!! It looks like we missed a lot of fun times after we left :( Glad you all had a great time though....

Amy said...

A whole family of bloggers? Too cool!

Pam said...

Wow, that all looks like so much fun!

Food Network is my favorite channel, and it would be fine with me if it was the only one we had! My current favorites are Good Eats, Dinner Impossible, and Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives. I don't have time to sit around watching all day like I would like to, so I set the DVR to record my favs, and then I can watch them at my convenience and zip through the commercials!