Thursday, April 1, 2010


First prize winner:
Bethany Mestler!!!! Her winning comment:
Your art is so much fun and such a blessing. Thank you for being a steward of your gift and encouraging us with it! My favorite food right now is definitely honey walnut shrimp. Scrumptious.
(honey walnut shrimp sounds reaaaalllllly good- I'll have to google that)

Second prize winner:
Lindsay- Paint me a picture!!!! Her winning comment:
Now SARAH! How generous! Pick me. Pretty please.
Love the new items in your shop.
Favorite food - um, anything good currently :)

Should I give you the prize when you spelled my name wrong?!?! You have an excuse- all of those pregnancy hormones.....:) Go visit Lindsay's adorable blog- she is a fabulous artist.


I will contact both of you to get your mailing addresses. (I will prob. get back to you both tomorrow b/c I will not be on the computer for the rest of the day....and Bethany, I just remembered that I already have your mailing address)

Thanks for entering, everyone! I honestly wish I could send you all a prize- you are such an encouragement to me! It was great to hear from new readers too :)

I'm off to count beans with my 3rd grader............

..........and to make tiny snacks...........

.........and to admire the pregnant camel picture by the little artist............

What is that you say??? It is April Fool's day and where are all the cute little tricks that I was going to play on my family???? It is 9:25 am and we have had no less than 12 April Fools "jokes." (guess what mom, I dumped the trash all over the floor, guess what mom, etc, etc, etc....I am done with April Fools jokes until next year :)


Pop Pop & Granna said...

Tell Skye I love the pregnant camel -- could she send me one for my fridge???

Lindsay said...

HECK yeah! I can't believe I won. And of course, please forgive the misspelling. People ALWAYS misspell my name - I can't believe I did the same to yours ;)

Staci Danford said...

Oh how I love that camel picture... Something about those kind of pictures just make me smile on the inside... I think there needs to be a childrens art gallery somewhere full of fabulous fat bodies... LOVE LOVE Them...

Brooke said...

"Sally the camel had..... SIX humps."

And a long tail! :-)

Love the super colorful plates you served your snacks on. Happy snacks. :)

Nathan Mestler said...

I am so excited about the painting and the CD! The painting has a perfect spot waiting in our kids' playroom which has fabulous green walls. Thank you so much!