Sunday, April 11, 2010

stuff....this past week...& weight watchers

What a great week! We took Mon-Wed off....just got out and went here and there- the art store for one......

The trees just fantastically budded right before our eyes, almost. Everything is green and beautiful!

We found some fun new parks............went Fri. night again to White Deer park (for you locals- check it out- 2 new really nice playgrounds)

How fun to meet the artist painting the mural at our library! He and his wife are painting this with the help of their kids. You can see his work here.

Enjoying my last treats before Monday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have decided to do weight watchers. Not the meetings and weigh-ins and all that, but a good friend gave me the info books and it looks like a great program to me. I am not overly over weight- I just feel flabby my clothes feel a bit too snug. I want to be healthy- I want to cook healthier for my family.

The best I ever felt was after I found out I had gestational diabetes, pregnant with our last. What was great about it was that they put me on this diet where I had to keep track of what I ate and eat only so much. That worked really well for me. That is why weight watchers sounds good. You have to keep track of what you eat- I feel like I am eating little things here and there all day. I found out that a chicken mcnugget is 1 point. I had no idea that a mcNugget could be a point - if my kids don't eat all of their nuggets I will just pop a few in my mouth with no thought about it....all of those little things (and points) add up!

I like WW's emphasis on exercise and trying to eat healthy foods, but occasionally being able to have a treat.

So anyway- I have no idea what it going to happen. I am starting tomorrow. I will let you know how it goes. Anyone ever tried WW? How did it work for you?

Today was another gorgeous day- we had our 4 year anniversary service at church!!!!!!!!!!! 4 years old- wow- we have been here a little over 3 and a half years- loving every single minute and sooooo thankful for our church.

Hope you had a great weekend....hope spring is coming your way if not already there.......hope you have a good Monday :)


Stephanie said...

I need to loose some weight, and exercise again. I just started getting back outside to walk, that helps. Now if I could just stop the snacking :) Good luck with weight watchers, I know a few people who did that program and were very successful.

Jana said...

I did WW before I got married and lost 40 lbs. Now I am starting it up again! Same thing you are doing~not the meetings just the point keeping!! Good Luck!!!

Paige said...

Best wishes with Weight Watchers! I am trying to watch my weight as well.

Have a great week!

Lauren said...

Sounds so neat to meet the artist at your library! How inspiring for all! I like WW b/c I know that I can have a Peanut Butter Parfeit at DQ...and still have 3 points left for the day! Ha, ha! :) It is great b/c you can eat what you make your own choices. Best of luck. I sooo need to try it on my own again, but I turn into an aweful grizzly bear when I'm hungry! ROAR!

Shelly said...

I did WW in 2007 and lost 35 pounds. I looked good! Then I got pregnant with my 2nd and I haven't got the "want to" yet. It is real easy. I did it with out the meetings to. A good refrence website is
It has all sorts of resturants listed. Good Luck.

Spring is here and in fact we bought some plants on Friday. And then my allergies acted up so we haven't got to plant them yet.

Dawn said...

Oh, good luck on the WW... please tell us about it, you might inspire some of use couch potatoes (ok, ME) to do it!! hahaha

Jane said...

I had good success with WW. I liked that I could be really careful with points during the week and save up a few for a weekend splurge. The combo of keeping track and really learning which foods were a waste of points made me a smarter eater.

ByHISgoodGrace said...

I was doing WW right before I got pregnant. I had lost 20 pounds in four months. I LOVED it. I did attend the meetings, which really encouraged me.
As soon as I have the baby, I'm going to go back. It has really helped me not to put on too much weight during pregnancy either. I've only gained half the weight I normally gain (so far!)
It's really a sensible thing to do; it's not a diet--it just educates you on how much you should be eating.
Best Wishes!

Sun-Kissed Scholars said...

Ohhhh-- art stores!! Fabulous places!
Your trees are gorgeous. We have so many trees here, but none so tall and straight. ;-) Our Dogwoods have started blooming. (happy sigh)

And AHHH Artist-meeting is one of my most favorite activities. How fun for you. It's inspiring, isn't it?

WW-- never tried it, and I don't need to lose any weight. I have heard great things about it, though. It's not a fad, but a lifestyle change. Sounds like a good plan. My sister has started a food journal, after reading that people who write down what they eat, end up eating something like 40% less and losing weight MUCH faster.

misss_e said...

Good luck! I just became a vegetarian. I figured somethings gotta give!

StacieB said...

I used WW and loved that you could eat anything- just in moderation. I like their approach too- eat healthy and exercise. Include as many fruits and veggies you can and include as much fiber as you can. Those 2 things are key to their program and it helps to keep track of what you're eating too.