Thursday, April 15, 2010

a must-read

Just a little spot in the pantry............(I am on the look-out for vintage tape measures to put up here...have you seen this tape measure blown up to be a growth chart?)

new painting

I have been reading this book again for about the 5th time. A Woman After God's Own Heart by Elizabeth George. It is one of the most practical books for a woman's Christian walk (and it is interesting and easy to read). I have been focusing on the chapter about prayer. And I guess God is really honing in on this for me because we were challenged about prayer last night at church.....why we pray, how we pray, practical helps:
an outline to follow as you pray so that you will focus on the right things (not just asking God for things)

Some things I was reminded about as I read Elizabeth's book: pray before making every decision. I have been so convicted about my prayer life! I feel such a need to pray more, to spend more quality time with God- to worship and adore Him more and to stay in a constant attitude of prayer. And just when I make this decision, plan to get up earlier- that is the day I sleep in until the kids wake up. You know what happens then- the whole day is started and it will be hours before I get the quiet alone time that I need to spend with God.

Realizing that prayer time one of the most important things I can do today- it is going at the top of my "to-do"list. The peace and serenity that God has for us...the guidance and wisdom that HE has for us is right there for us to take- and it is so easy for prayer time to get pushed aside as if it were the least important thing.

And don't even get me started on how important it is for us to be praying for our husbands and kids!!!!

Anyway---I am going to choose to be thankful that God has been pulling me towards Himself- I am not going to dwell on the fact that I slept in and missed that great morning quiet prayer time. I am going to get some communication in now with my Father - and then take some more time later....knowing that the devil would love to stop that and put obstacles in the way..........


Jill said...

I LOOOOVE Elizabeth George!- you have inspired me to pull out my copy and re-read it too!!! LOVE your new painting- I'm just lovin' umbrellas lately!
Have a wonderful day!
Many Blessings!

Pam said...

Thanks for the reminder to pray before every decision. I am making a lot of decisions for my business right now, and even what may seem like a small decision (such as what type of bag to order) will have big consequences.

redeemed diva said...

I have always wanted to read this book. Thank you for reminding

Pop Pop & Granna said...

What a great post, Sara. I love that book, too -- and God has been working in my life about prayer along the same lines.
Your new painting is so cute -- I love it!

misss_e said...

Wow. I really needed to read that. I have not been spending the time I should before God...and the last week has been extremely challenging for me. It just seems like nothing was going right. But I know my steps are with that said today was just the end all be all and I ended up crying in my car...then sobbing all the way home. God get's our attention when He needs it...but I should have gone willingly. I am going to buy this book this weekend...thanks for sharing! Oh and I gave your blog the beautiful bloggers award!

Brooke said...

I forgot all about that book. It is a good one, and it has been years since I read it last. You've inspired me to go dig out my copy and put it by my bed! :)

Ruth said...

I love her books. I have also read this one more than once. I can completely relate on to not spending enough time with the Lord.


Staci Danford said...

Wonderful Words of Wisdom.. I am going to look for that book this weekend. You are such a kind soul.. You may not realize it but God shows right through you and out onto this screen.. You are a precious example to us all.
Blessings you way,