Sunday, March 28, 2010

Palm Sunday

Wow- just thinking about Jesus and what a week it was for Him- coming into Jerusalem with crowds shouting praises to Him...and then to be later nailed on a cross....but He didn't stay dead, did He?!?He rose again and lives forever!!!!!!!!!!!


It is so much fun to get your comments/entries for the giveaway. I love to read comments from my faithful readers- but you new ones too! I always try to get to your blog and "meet" you if you have never commented before. And if you don't have a blog- I enjoy your comments too :)

If you have not entered the giveaway- please do so here (or scroll down to Saturday's post). You have until Wednesday.


Jennifer said...

what a cute craft! I used to love that song!

Wendy said...

Love it-- the song, colors, craft, and praise! :-D
Hallelujah indeed, the Lord loves us!

redeemed diva said...

I have the joy of the Lord, too--and now a very addictive song stuck in my head!

Jingle said...


I enjoy your creativity and amazing art work!