Thursday, March 18, 2010

Fun Books

Boss of the Plains By Laurie Carlson, illustrated by Holly Meade
Great story and pictures about John Stetson and how he came to invent the cowboy hat.

Sky Boys by Deborah Hopkinson & James E. Ransome
This book was so interesting- lots of facts about how the empire state building was built.....the boys had to make their own:


gailsgarden said...

WOW! They made an awesome Empire State Building! I would love to read those books too!

lori vliegen said...

what fun books.....and they guys sure did a great job on the empire state building!!! i give them an A+!! :))

redeemed diva said...

I love this! Thanks for the suggestions!

Shelly said...

Your boys did a great job! I hope their teacher gave them an A++++!


Cate O'Malley said...

Love that last one - gorgeous colors!