Wednesday, March 17, 2010

be yourself

Since I have discovered my style {kindergarten chic}- I see it everywhere in our lives- the way I cook- the way I dress- the way I talk- shows we watch (Barney....). The art*house has never claimed to be a sophisticated place to is bright and colorful and positively kid-like.

Lately I have been analyzing my personality and looking at others- wishing I was more like them. The ones who always know what to say (I never know what to say, but say it anyway :), the ones who are calm, cool, and collected- that is not me. But God (in His goodness and wisdom) has shown me in various ways that He has made me who I am for a purpose- no, not everyone is going to like me- everyone is not going to appreciate my style and love of loud colors and polka dots- but that is OK! God made me this way to minister to certain people- my family for one- and then there are people that maybe I can minister to in a way that other people could not.... (such as 5 year olds....see it all comes back to kindergarten :)

Brings to mind that song- Brighten the Corner Where You Are....we don't have to try and get the whole world to love us- we need to faithfully encourage those around us...the ones that God has specifically put in our paths....

So I guess my thought for the day is to be yourself! Don't worry all the time what other people think about you (this is a hard one! So hard for us to do on a daily basis...or maybe it is just me....).....worry about what God thinks of you and then you'll realize- Oh! He is the One who made me! He loves me no matter what! How great is that?!?!?

On a totally different subject- we are thanking God today for Alisa and her surgery- they have heard that the tumor is not cancerous- what a HUGE, HUGE blessing this is as you can imagine for a little girl and her family.
Thanks to you who have commented about my different projects and who have asked questions.....I cannot give you advice on my painted chair- I used regular craft acrylic paint and I am sure that that will not last forever- but then we can just change the color scheme!

A few of you have asked about the kitchen and the process of the patchwork wall. I just used masking tape to tape the scraps to the wall and covered it all with clear contact paper.

And I cannot wait to do a post about our daily routine (thanks for asking!) I love to talk about our routine- but then that is usually the time that the routine starts changing again- so I will have to hurry and post about it!

Thanks for reading my blog :) I love, love the interaction with you- other artists, other moms- what a great way to learn and grow and hear different view points- I love this blogging!


gailsgarden said...

Love you just the way you are, Sara! XOXO MOM

Sherri @ Design2Shine said...

BE Yourself! Everyone else is taken anyways. Yes, God made you PERFECTLY the way you are!

Jennifer said...

So happy to hear about Alisa!!! Thank you for reminding me to be matter if people like me or not!

Wendy said...

I always need this reminder personally...and Sara-you have no idea how many times you have come to my mind related to being creative or willing to be colorful. I remember a post where you also said if you like subtle, calmer colors than use those just don't be afraid to try things...So I think God uses you in many ways and I sure am thankful for you! Hope you have a great week!

Anonymous said...

Great reminder to be yourself and not try to please others. I love your style. It's fun to visit your blog.

Mrs. E said...

Amen! Perfect post!

Anonymous said...

So true! While blogging is wonderful I sometimes find myself looking into other people's homes/lives and feeling like I should change mine. I've really had to work at that aspect this year so that when I look at someone else's style and think it's really cool it doesn't mean that I have to eumulate it or that what I'm doing in our home isn't really cool's just different and God created us to be that way! I love your blog and how often you speak God's truth into it : )

Catherine Anne said...

Yes!!!! So true~

Mary said...

You keep being who you are, who God made you to be. Your bright bold colors are beautiful and speak life!!

There is a song "Colour Everywhere"
sung by Deanna Carter.

I sing it in praise to God!!!

Goggle the lyrics, I think you will like them.

Stephanie said...

I love your style Sara, it rocks! It's funny I sometimes feel like not only my style but my life is kindergarden chic, hahaha. Seriously, I have friends who have said to me "why do you take Jackson to so many things that he won't even remember yet." Well it's because my husband and I want to relive our childhood too, so now we have an excuse to go to fun kid things! It's so fun to be young, I don't know why being young ever went out of style!

Dawn said...

"Kindergarten Chic", that explains so much about myself, LOL. Such as... why everyone always tells me I should be a kindergarten teacher - when really they are just commenting on the way I dress, and decorate my house! LOL. Thanks - I think you have just ended 38 years of my searching for myself, now I finally have a label that I fit into, haha! (Which explains why I adore YOU so much!) ;)

misss_e said...

Praise God! For your daughters great health! Thank God for you too! And your polk a dots and bright cheery colors! Its always a pick me up! Be blessed and continue to be a blessing!

sUz said...

hi sweet saRa!
wOw! you have an ADORABLE blog!
thanks for visiting mine :)
sUz :)

Staci Danford said...

I felt like I was reading something that I had writte.. I think every single woman in the world goes through moments like those.. Ones in which you just wonder why you do the things you do and think maybe they could be done differetly... BUT... I'm here to say "Please don't change!".. From the first moment that I saw your blog I have just been so inspired by you.. Your precious heart just beats out across this screen to all who read your words and see your HAPPY HOUSE.. and I can tell you from "my big kids"... that years later they will look back and remember that all their friend's houses were boring. haha
Blessings your way today,

Shelly said...

We were just talking about this in our Teen Girls class tonight. Worry about what God thinks and not boys. If you are focused on God then the right boy will find you!

Pam said...

Great post, and a message I've been preaching to myself a lot lately.

I'm not sure what my style is, besides minimalism. I know I love LIME GREEN! I spend most of my creative juices on my baking business. It's a passion I tried to fight, but there is no use fighting what you were meant to do.

Monica said...

LOL! Oh Sara! I was just thinking about you and Dave the other day and how y'all do such a wonderful job of having people over to your home and how cheerful and kind you always are. As for your vibrant colors, I showed Bobby your blog pics one day and he sat there for a minute, then looked at me and said, "Do you think she comes to our house and thinks it is drab or an empty canvas?" I thought that was kind of funny. I had never thought about our house that way before. We love just the way you are!

Mrs. G said...

I L O V E your style! I have alwyas wanted to be kindgergarten chic - you've inspired me to venture out and do (dress and decorate) what's in my heart!

Tara said...

You are awesome the way you are! God made us each UNIQUE!
I heard two quotes this week you might like:
1. Normality is overrated.
2. Look in the mirror and say,
"It's none of your buisness what anybody else thinks of YOu!"


joyfullness said...

Hey Sara... just wanted to say I am thankful for your honesty.
I find myself doing that alot..wanting to dress like stylish..wear fancy clothes...and jewelry...but i'm a jeans and t-shirt kinda girl..i do like me some fun splashy jewelry though..(sara inspired :) )
You never know how many people may be glimpsing into your life, though, and wishing they could be more like YOU!!! You are awesome!

Wishing you happiness!
Joyfully His!
PS I am wearing a lemony yellow shirt right now..on sale at Old Navy.. and jeans and flipflops..w/ my Sara Necklace..Yellow isn't normally my color..a bit too "HELLO" for me..i went to the post office and felt like everyone was looking at could they miss me, eh?...but i had a sense that i was a happy person to look at..(trying not to boast..) and that made me feel happy too..
Here's to saying HELLO to YELLO!
And to being Ourselves..Thanks for the post friend!

Priscilla said...

Sara, I love you and your style. You inspire me every time I read your blog or scroll through your pictures. I appreciate how transparent and real that you are! I am going to paint a chair for a fund raiser for school & I'm going to be bold & paint dots and stripes and flowers & leaves (and see what happens). You and Dave are both such creative people and you honor God with your talents:)