Thursday, March 4, 2010

Artist Interview: Katrina {K Pitt Designs}

I am excited to introduce you to Katrina! She is one of the art* house sponsors! You can see Katrina's Designs here at her website- K Pitt Designs. (you can see her at her blog too)

Sara- Did you enjoy art as a child?
Katrina- I really didn't have a big interest in art as a child. It wasn't until I got a job at a florist when I was 16 that think my "artsy journey" began. I was trained to make bows and to make floral arrangements. It may seem simple, but bow making is really an art. I feel like that's what makes my wall lettering stand out sometimes. Many paint much better than me, but I think my bows and ribbons (for hanging the lettering) are unique.

S- What was your first decoupage (or painting) project- do you remember?

K- My first artistic project was as a teenager, I made centerpieces for a friend's bridal shower. I collected baby food jars and covered them with material and tied ribbon around them and stuffed them with gorgeous flowers. Everyone was trying to take them on their way out from the shower and I realized that I was on to something, it sparked a desire to start being creative. Again, I believe it stemmed (no pun intended) from working in the flower shop.
My first decoupage projects started after I married. My husband's mom was a master decoupeur in the South African Guild of Decoupeurs and she taught me how to decoupage using the most amazing papers and cutouts. I spent a couple years doing so much decoupaging and block mounting (boxes.)
S- What is your favorite medium to work with (paint, mod podge, etc)?

K- I think I love painting the best. Though, sometimes, making thing out of scrapbooking materials is really fun too (bookmarks for example.)

S- What is your favorite color combo?

K- I really love pink and brown--but that may be because I need a little girlishness in the midst of a house full of boys.
Another combo I love is a light teal with white.

S- Where do you get most of your arts/craft supplies?

K- Walmart and Michael's.

S- What is your favorite room in your house?

K- My dining room I guess. I just recently painted my farmer's table with black craft paint! I sealed it with varnish and I think it cost about $8 for the supplies.

S- Anything else to share about your creative process or about your business?

K- My newest item that I am loving creating are cake toppers for both wedding cakes and birthday cakes. The birthday cake toppers is something I came up with, with my woodworker and I just love them. I haven't seen them around anywhere, so they are somewhat unique. They're a wonderful gift for can use them year after year, so really it's a cost-effective item. They are about 6 inches tall and I custom decorate them.

My family comes before my business. It was a decision I made a long time ago. As a Christian homeschooling family, we decided to set that priority a long time ago (after becoming really overwhelmed and having partially decorated lettering all over the house.) I do business by referral only. Sponsoring you, Sara, is a treat and if it brings a little attention to my at-home business, it's an extra blessing!
Some additional thoughts, forgive the woodworker started getting requests from dozens of brides so he asked me over and over if I'd be his referred to decorator for these brides and that's how it began.
(she is going to kill me for using this picture, but I thought it was so cute of her and her husband trying to get some photos in the hotel mirror :)

K- Also, I was once asked to sell through a company which I agreed to only to change my mind. I realized I couldn't parent effectively nor be a supportive wife and do that much business at the same time. Some can, I am simply not capable. It was really really difficult. My husband suggested raising my prices and only doing work based on referral. God has always honored that commitment to my family. I am able to do just enough work to feel that artistic side of me feel productive.

I feel honored to think how many babies and children have my artwork hanging in their rooms. What a privilege to help parents decorate a room for those they love dearest.


Thanks for sharing with us, Katrina! I love your whole philosophy and dedication to your family! I could totally echo what you are saying about doing just enough art to feel the artistic side and feel productive- our families need to come first! Thank you for your inspiration- the fact that you can bless others and help with decorating their homes- but not over committing yourself! We will have plenty of time for that when our kids get older. Keep up the good work!


Staci Danford said...

Love her letters.. Such fun.. and you know I love letters.. I have a whole wall. haha Great fun to meet her.

ByHISgoodGrace said...

Thanks Sara...I feel really privileged that you did this.
You're sweet. And, I won't kill you for the photo!

Fifi said...

She totally rocks!! I love her goodies and I love her! We go way back to 1996/97!