Friday, February 19, 2010

hair & a quote

I have the best hair stylist. She is great. She does exactly what I tell her- the haircut is what I wanted. Then I told her to give me highlights. I gave no instruction about that- so really, she did a good job. It is just that (this is what Dave thinks) any major change throws me for a loop- I did not expect it to look so blond.


In our small group classes at church we are going through a study on Nehemiah by John MacArthur. It has been really good- and so applicable. When I read this quote by MacArthur I was so convicted:

Our society replaces people with things, conversation with entertainment. By so doing, we have lost the simple joys of life, which center on relationships, the essence of Christian fellowship. Material things can pull believers away from those vital relationships with God and others.

Then I read Psalm 62...verse 10:

If riches increase, do not set your heart upon them

So I told Dave that I needed to quit the blog- quit painting, quit watching movies, quit decorating our house, etc, etc, etc.

He is my voice of reason and he told me about something he had read that said: each thing in your life is like a bank and you need to make deposits. It has to be a balance- you need to make deposits in your kids' banks everyday- your husband's bank, your house, the church, your friends, the needy, etc, etc. That does not mean you have to quit blogging, or quit painting. But those things should not be top priority. Things need to be in balance. We need to be out in the world forging those friendships- caring about others- thinking about others rather than ourselves constantly! Wow- I am convicted totally.

We have to be soooo careful here in America where we have everything. It is so easy to sit in our comfortable homes and eat and eat some more.....and watch movies and forget about everything else and what really matters; living for God and reaching others for Him and helping others.

one last quote:

We make a living by what we earn--
We make a life by what we give.
Sorry if I have been preaching- I mean only to preach to myself :)


Lanie said...

Just popping in to tell you that I was showing my little girl (6 yrs.) your blog last night and she thought it was awesome!

I said, "Wouldn't you love to have her as a mom? That house looks so fun!"

She replied, "No, I want you for a mom, but be like her!"

Just thought you might like to know how much you are admired! :)


Lauren said...

The highlights are fun and so is your shirt! Cute!

Ugh...The quote sooo speaks to me and I feel so guily b/c I just spent way too much $ at Target today...and I know most of it wasn't necessary at all! I love your husband's "deposit" thoughts though. Blogging is a bit of socializing fo me. I love, love to get ideas from others...especially crafts that I can do for or with my children. And art? I definitely think that my children benefit from my art. They see that I have a passion, creativity and drive. Creating is a process that takes time, and in that they see patience. They see when my artwork doesn't turn out, and that I'm okay with it too. Most of all, they get to create with me, and knowing that they love it, is fantastic! This is a post that I will need to reread to "keep it real"! Thanks!

Chrissie Grace said...

Hi Sara
I've been contemplating quitting my blog too lately. It was starting to feel like I was making "too many deposits", like Dave said.
It is all about balance though, and so I re-thought my decision.
I love your so reflects what I need to hear!

Jill said...

ADORE your hair!!!!! really! it's SOOO cute! and LOOOOOVE this post! I always struggle with the "balance" thing too...and I thought I should give-up blogging too- until I read an email from a young mother who reads my blog- let's just say a blog CAN be a great form of ministry too! :)
Have a great weekend!!!
Many Blessings!

bec4 said...

First off, I think the hair is great. Secondly, yes convicting. What Dave said was true--we must not be like our country and let our relationships and priorities go into debt. Regular deposits in these areas are a must. Thanks for the reminder.

Have a blessed day!

Stephanie said...

Such a great point Sara! Love the last quote. :)
Your hair looks nice with highlights.

Jane said...

My favorite hymn is "They will know we are Christians By Our Love." With so much negative press about Christianity. And, sorry to say, many bad examples using God's name to promote hate, I think your blog is another mission. What if someone who was creative and searching saw your blog and realized that Christians were like you? Your art, your home, it's all about God's love. Balance yes! Quit? I vote no!

Dramagirl said...

Sara, I love your color and wispy look! Thanks for the thoughts on life! I struggle with the same thing -- keep ministering or pull back. Praise the Lord we have husbands who help us keep it all in perspective. I think that it has to be about balance and staying sensitive to the Holy Spirit's leading. You are an inspiration and a blessing to me. Even though neither one of us has a sister I have considered you like a sister. The Lord is so good! Love and miss you!

joyfullness said...

You are such an encouragement to me!! You are so very real in your Love for our dear Lord!! Your
(he)art is a reflection of HIS
(he)art...please make deposits where you need to...and know you have brought so much light and love into the lives of ME!!!
*I love your hair..You are so fun!!
* you have a cherry top too???awww!
* i did my color test..i thought for sure i would be green..i would have bet a chocolate bar on it...but NO...I AM RED TOO!!!
What in the world!!??
(I am looking around my house..and i guess i do like me some red)
Blessing to you this weekend friend!
Joyfully His!

Dawn said...

The hair: Cute. Very cute.
I would be the same way. You know...shocked at the change. But really loving it all the same.

I used to do highlights until my grays took over and I now have natural "highlights".


The quote: Thanks, I needed that!!

Your reaction? Very similar to what mine would be.

The hubs? A voice of reason. Gotta love our hubs' for that.


Have a good Lord's Day, Sara.

Mary said...

sweetie you do not need to apologize for speaking truth!


Sun-Kissed Scholars said...

Love the quotes and the Scriptures. Ah, the balance game. It's a tough one. But I think as long as we have out TOP priorities where they need to be, the others are easier to adjust. God first, family second, other relationships next...and then everything else.
God gave us talents and gifts so we could enjoy them, inspire others, and use them to glorify Him. He made you to love art!

kathy said...

I really like your new hairdo...looks great on you!

I agree with all your comments, and have been convicted about many of those same issues. Sara, have you read "Crazy Love" by Francis's an EXCELLENT and convicting book along these same lines? I am reading it now for the third time, it is amazing!! I highly recommend it ~ blessings, kathy

BlueCastle said...

That's a good quote. It is way to easy to get comfortable and stagnant even. Thank you for sharing that. I needed it too.

Really like your hair, by the way. :)

Megan Walker said...

I love your hair - it's adorable!

You brought up a very good point - we do have so much, and it is easy to forget what we're really here for. I'm ashamed to say I have been guilty of this many times. I'm always quick to acknowledge my blessings, but not so quick to do the Christlike things I should be doing. So thank you for that important reminder.

And thank goodness for Dave! Because we also tend to forget how important BALANCE is in our lives! It's critical! We are definitely supposed to be about God's work. Yet who but God would want life to be happy and fulfilling and rewarding and magical and FUN? We are supposed to have joy in all things. A balance of all things.