Thursday, February 11, 2010

Artist Interview: Steph {seamstress, knitter, & all around creative mom}

I am happy to say that Stephanie from Jonquils and Ladybugs is a brand new sponsor for the art*house!!!! She is one creative girl and I have been following her blog for a few years now. She sews beautiful quilts and clothes and other stuff and knits gorgeous hats, etc.....the good news?!?! She has an etsy shop; Stitching in Striped Socks! (my faves: the newborn hat, log cabin quilt, & corduroy tote with dresden plate)

Sara: When did you learn how to sew? (how old were you) and how did that
come about- did you have lessons?

Steph: My mother made a lot of the clothes that she dressed my brother, sister
and I in. She also made some of our toys, dolls, halloween costumes, and
some of her own clothing and curtains. I found myself by my mother's side
often, watching her sew. Eventually when I was in Girl Scouts, and my mom
was the leader... my mom decided to have all the girls learn to sew. With
the help of home economics in school (when they were still teaching sewing,
not sure if they still do that today) I had learned enough to sew on my
own. In high school, my best friend and I got out her mom's sewing machine
and would sew up little bags to carry our little treasures. It wasn't
until 14 or so years later... 2008 to be exact, that I purchased my first
sewing machine. I had now had a 3 month old son and was trying to figure
out who I was, now that I no longer worked for a living. At this same time
is when I had began blogging, and met so many creative and inspiring women.
Well, it didn't take long from there to realize I wanted to make just about
everything I saw on all these wonderful blogs! So I bought a book called
sewing 101 to help me along the way, but most of what I have learned is
from trial and error and the blogging community.

Sara: Same as above question but with knitting....

Steph: This one is easy, I know exactly where I was when I realized I wanted to
learn to knit. My husband and I were on a trip touring Boston MA, and
heading to see the Red Sox play at Fenway. On the T or subway to any of us
that aren't from Boston, I saw this girl standing in the aisle, with her
arm wrapped around a pole to keep her from falling over, she stood there
with a needle in each hand just knitting away. In that crazy, noisy,
crowded train, this girl had found her own calming space. I couldn't take
my eyes off of her, I knew at that moment that I wanted to knit! When we
got back from our trip I told everyone at work how I had found this new
hobby that I really wanted to know everything about, and it turned out
that one of the girls I worked with was a knitter. She started teaching me
on our lunch breaks and the rest is history.
yes, she did make this adorable elephant costume for her cutie little boy

Sara: What is your favorite material to work with? Fabric, yarn, felt, etc

Steph: I love all materials, that's my problem! Anything with beautiful color,
I love color! I usually have to force myself to stop looking on Etsy
because I want it all.
Sara: What part of the day do you find is the best to get creative?

Steph: For me I am the most creative after breakfast, and a shower. I'm all
ready to go, the only problem is with a toddler in the house, so is he! So
the time where I can be creative for me, is naptime, after lunch. Although
that doesn't stop me from being creative in the morning, I just steer my
creative energy to playing, or baking with my little guy, I enjoy seeing
him creating with me.
Sara: What inspires you?

Steph: Everything around me, colors, shapes, light, my family, friends, blogs,
my imagination.

Sara: Where do you like to shop for creative materials?

Steph: Etsy is number one, but I also go to Joann's, Michaels, AC Moore, and my
local knitting shop (which is in walking distance).

Sara: When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Steph: An art teacher, A mom, A professional ice skater or roller skater, and a
Graphic Artist (that's what my mom did, I loved playing in the dark room.)

Thanks, Steph! We can all be inspired by your creativity! Go visit Jonquils and Ladybugs even if just to see her cute valentine header......


Ruth said...

Love her things. She is quite creative. Thank you for introducing her to us.


Stephanie said...

I'm completely blushing right now :) Thanks Sara!

Elliemae said...

Thanks for the intro!! I am in love with her and her stuff now!!

Megan Walker said...

Thanks for the introduction - Steph is adorable and so talented! Wow!