Monday, January 25, 2010

party plans

Dave's B-day is on far we have a planned date for us to go to The Outback. My mouth is already watering. (when is my diet going to start again?? Maybe March when all of the parties are over??).

The 6-year-old-who-will-be-7's b-day is on Sunday the 31st. He wants a Lego party....I found a cute Lego cake recipe:

Lego Brick Cake
Isn't that adorable!? Those are halved marshmallows on top! Google, I love you! You can find the directions here.

Squeeze in here V-day on the 14th.....planning to make this:

Eat Your Heart Out
FamilyFun, of course!

Oreo Kisses

And then there are these kisses- Oreo kisses. Find them at Bakerella.

Our little miss will be 4 on Feb 28....................

Balloons - Purple Dots
polka dot balloons- the polka dot market

I decided to do a polka dot party because I have some Target plates with polka dots- and she wanted a purple cake- so maybe we can merge those things and have a purple polka dot party. I saw those cute balloons but think purple balloons with white dot stickers would be just as cute, don't you think?


Jennifer said...

very cute!

Stephanie said...

I love party planning! I love all of your ideas, the lego cakes are awesome! Jackson turns two in March, I can't wait to start planning his party. :)

gypsy@Hebrews11:13 said...

I love the Lego cake- thanks for sharing!!!! Might do that for the twins 5th if you don't mind me being a copycat? And a purple balloon cake with polka dots would be adorable and super easy!!!!

Lauren said...

I cannot wait to see the party pix! The inspiration pix look so cute (and yummy)!

It looks like you had a FANTASTIC beach weekend! I bet you came home sooooo refreshed and inspired!

Mary said...

What fun you must have! Your home seems full of life and love!!!

I love the lego cake. My oldest son (30) loved legos!! I might have to do this just for fun!!!!

manda said...

My Eli will be 7 in April and has been talking about wanting a Lego party since just after his guests left from his 6 yr party. I am so excited about those cakes!! YAY!!!!

Shelly said...

Man, your birthdays are all grouped together! I have seen those lego cakes before and they are just too cute!

We are planning heart shaped PB&J sandwiches, Candy grahams made of Graham crakers frosting and alphabet cereal. And Heart shaped pie crust, whip cream and fruit! I love school parties!

Have a great week!

tacky said...

The series of books...can't recall the author...Purplicious...anyway, the picture on the front reminds me of Skye with all her finery! Happy Party Month!

MeganN said...

We just had my sons Lego theme Birthday I made his cake!

justin, jake and jenna said...

All too Cute!!! I need to put Justin's birthday pictures....the lego cake is too great, the boys are going to be bummed that we never thought about making a lego cake.

"Dove" said...

I have that jell-o heart recipe from my Family Fun magazine in my cookbook rack right now. I'm trying to decide if I can commit to babysitting a million layers of jell-o all day to make it happen! :)

Love your idea for a polka dot party. You should be able to really go nuts with that fun theme!

gailsgarden said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, to DEAR DAVE! Sorry we weren't invited to go to the Outback with you. We certainly would have rushed right down if we had been!

Ruth said...

Wow~a lot of celebrating at your home. How fun!! The lego cake is too cute. Enjoy Outback!! I love that Valentine's dessert.


Keri said...

That Lego cake is too cool. And the Outback sounds wonderful (we got a gift card to there for Christmas and I can't wait to use it)!!!!

I can't wait until I give birth and can eat sweets again!!!!