Thursday, December 3, 2009

counting down the days

got the Christmas books out!

advent tree

Our birdie tree...and another place to count down

the paper chain- who gets to rip off the link for today?

the corner of my art room has become the wrap station


whitey said...

I can not help but smile when I come to visit your blog it is truly colorful!

redeemed diva said...

These are some great ideas, sara. I may be copying a few!!! Love the birdie tree!

Ruth said...

Love all the great ideas. The colors are so great. Definitely merry and bright.


Katie said...

LOVE the mitten wrapping paper. Adorable!

Megan Walker said...

Girl, you are all over it already! Way to go!


Miss G said...

is that afghan WRAPPING PAPER??? super cool! Where in the world do you get something like that?

I also really like the birdie tree. :) Kelly

Anonymous said...

Hi Sara,
I just picked a place to write this. I wanted to tell you that I think you must have one of the most colorful house and lives I've ever seen. I also wanted to tell you a little story...About 7 years ago, I was going through a depression of sorts, and I just couldn't pull out of it. One night I had a dream that I was painting the stairs and handrail that went from the garage into our house about 5 or 6 different colors. I was so happy. When I awoke I asked the LORD what this dream meant. All I could think was that I was suppose to add color in my house instead of the tan dolor that was everywhere. So I started painting. My kitchen walls became yellow and tangerine...with the 3 doors in the kitchen painted bubble gum pink, cannery yellow and lime green. One door went to the laundry room, one to our bedroom and one to the basement. Then I painted our guest bathroom with purple walls, with 4 shelves one the wall..each shelf was painted a mixed combo of bright green, yellow, hot pink and lavender...and the woodwork was hot pink. The doors where white. And on with the rest of the house. LOL ... last year we had to move and a church group came over and repainted our house tan again for resale! But I loved those carribean colors because I became happy again, and my depression left. Can you imagine how the colors in Heaven will affect us, and bring such pleasure and joy to us?!!!