Thursday, November 19, 2009

Using Scripture to Teach Your Children

First off- thanks so much for going to see my advent tree and for voting!!!!! I can't wait to see who wins.
We had a baby shower last Saturday for a friend at church. Another friend gave a little talk- advice to the new mom-to-be. It was so encouraging and convicting! Thanks Carmela, for sharing your wisdom with us. The part that really got me was to use scripture when talking to your children. Instead of harping or nagging about this and that- to read scripture that will cut to the heart of your child- The Word has power!!!!

That reminds me of a chart that Mom Mincy got for me: Wise Words for Moms by Ginger Plowman.

Wise Words For Moms

It has a list of behaviors--questions to ask your child--a verse of reproof--a verse of encouragement--and additional verses for that behavior. For example, lets pick one that I need to use daily for my kids:

Child's Behavior:
Aggravating, stirring up strife

Heart Probing: (questions to ask them)
1. Are you purposing in your heart to promote peace, or are you stirring up trouble?
2. How can you show love and pursue peace in this situation?

One of the seven things God hates is one who stirs up trouble among his brothers. Proverbs 6:19

God gives joy to those who promote peace. Proverbs 12:20

I am so inspired and convicted to memorize these verses- and to remember to open the Bible and lovingly read these verses to the kids when they are having trouble obeying. I think the key here is to make this a positive time to get in the Word and share with your children the answers to life's problems. We don't want to hit them over the head with it. I can just picture myself on a bad day yelling the verses--- :( and this would defeat the purpose. But I really feel like when we take the time to sit with our kids and pray with them and share scripture, that these "moments" can turn into positive teaching moments instead of times of anger and frustration for all.

I just sound like I have it all together, right?!?!? I DO NOT! And Dave is laughing as he reads this now, I can imagine, because he knows that half of the time I react in a negative way when the kids are fighting! I get as mad as they are.

God can help us in those moments- help us to remember how to respond-- in LOVE! (I would think that if we renew our minds daily in these verses, that we would be quicker to respond in the right way instead of the wrong). And Carmela's point was not just to use scripture in the times of discipline, but in times when your child is asking questions- like what if your child came to you and said that she wanted to go to the mission field- your answer could be..."go and be strong and of good not afraid for the Lord will be with you!!!" (now that is a good answer!)

I am going to start memorizing these verses. Anyone want to join me? You can get one of these charts from Amazon for $4.00.

I love my kids- I am so blessed- they are sweet and precious. I don't want their only memories of their mom to be of a crazy lady running around the house yelling at them!


Ruth said...

I hope you win!! What fun that would be.

What a great chart and reminder.


Shelly said...

The chart is a great idea. My mother in law always says to look for ways in every day activites to teach your children about God. Like if you kids says" Why is the sky blue?" instead of saying just because it is.... Say, because God made it that way. Isn't it great that he picked that color for the sky.

One summer when my husband was little he wanted to dig a hole to find the devil. Now most people would be like "your not digging a hole in my yard" but not my MIL. She let him dig all summer a BIG hole in the back yard. But, he never found the devil :(

I am like you when the kids are fighting all my reason goes out the window. So, I am glad you used that as you example!

God Bless all of us for rasing our kids to love the Lord.


Heather K said...

Sara, have you checked out my FAVORITE blog called A Holy Experience? She has FANTASTICAL resources for Scripture memory. I too have been so inspired to hit that seriously!

Pop Pop & Granna said...

I love that Wise Words -- so glad you're finding it useful! I found mine when I was packing up my office.

Sun-Kissed Scholars said...

Sara, you are part of a wonderful larger picture. You live so far from me, and we're in "different worlds," yet this has hit me twice in one day.
I have Wise Words for Moms. And I found it today, hiding under my bed. I found it after I had become exasperated with the kids bickering.
Immediately, I was convicted that I needed a better way to promote peace.
And then you blog about it. The very same message, the very same book, on the very same day.
Thank you, God, for drilling it in my head when I need the message loud and clear (and repeatedly!)
And thank you, Sara.

Sarah said...

I have really been striving to have "an answer" for every sin problem that arises during the day. Like you said, I don't want to just be yelling orders at my kids....I want them to see the correlation between their sin and the biblical response that God has laid out for us. It is so hard---grace and wisdom needed daily!!!
Thanks for sharing the idea of this chart. I have seen a book similar to this (cannot for the life of me recall the name though. grrr.) Anyways, I may be checking this out!!! Thanks Sara--you are a blessing! :-)

BlueCastle said...

Thank you for sharing this, it sounds like just what is needed in my house at the moment.

Hope your tree wins! :)

gypsy@Hebrews11:13 said...

You're hilarious and so honest- I appreciate that! One thing our family started doing when we got home from Ukraine was commit AS A FAMILY to memorize one verse a week. Every night at dinner we say the verses that we have already memorized and practice the new one together. At the end of a year we should all be able to say 52 verses back to back. This has been an area of conviction for me- to hide God's Word in MY heart and in my kids' hearts.

Jessica said...

Love this! Too often, I immediately think of "worldly" ways to teach my children. God's word should be the first thing out of my mouth or at least on my mind when helping them with their struggles...and joys. Thanks for the reminder!

wedogmomma said...

I have friend who typed these out on a cheat sheet she could carry around in her purse.....thanks for the reminder!

Laura said...

Check out for other and similar ways to incorporate the truth of God's Word into your everyday mom life. I just recently discovered their products and some of them are on my Christmas list. :)
Thanks for the mention of this chart. I think I will pick one up.

Jara said...

This is great! We just had a speaker at MOPS this week that spoke on the similar subject of anger, and yelling, and how we as moms have the right to choose how we react, and how when we are more in tune with God and into the Word, we are more apt to respond appropriately versus negatively! It was totally convicting but GREAT!

Monica said...

Sara, you CRACK me up! While I appreciate your sincerity and honesty in this post, I just cannot imagine you yelling or running around like a crazy lady!!!I think the part that made me laugh the most was the kids fighting and you getting as mad as they are. I can picture your kids mad, and even Dave, but for some reason I have a hard time imagining you getting that mad!!!

tacky said... friend just gave me one of these and I sat down and read through it! Wow!