Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thank You, God!

Happy-day-before! I am cooking and getting the table ready- the kids and Dave are outside raking leaves, the Christmas music is on....what could be better! Can't wait until tomorrow....

Oh my word- first time for me to make sweet potato casserole- and it looks good just like this. It is real healthy, what it not healthy about a few sweet potatoes with lots of butter and brown sugar?!?!

I love this recipe- especially b/c you can make it up in advance. Here is the recipe for the pumpkin cheeseball.

I don't think there has ever been a Thanksgiving where I have been more thankful. Amazed and thankful. This year has been one of blessings & miracles.

Thank You, God, for Your plan for us. We are amazed by your care for us. Thank You for clearly answering prayers in a big way- Thank You for allowing us to show YOU to our children. Thank you that we are in a position that we certainly do not deserve- we live in a beautiful and cozy home, we have heat and light and water, we have food- more food than we need!!!!! We have warm and colorful clothes :) We have the most adorabledoggie , we have 3 healthy, sweet children!! Thank you for Dave & our marriage. Thank you for our extended family who we love. Thank You for our church. We love our church family and friends. We don't deserve it. We love You and pray that our children will be able to experience this Love and Peace for themselves when they are grown.

I Chronicles 16:34 Oh, give thanks to the LORD, for He is good! For His mercy endures forever.

I am especially thankful for my salvation- where would I be without God's gift to me? And without His grace and forgiveness? I have total peace in my life. Even when things don't go the way I think they should- there is always the peace.

I am so thankful for my darling husband, Dave. You are the best! Thanks for putting up with me :) I love ya and I thank God for you every single day. Thank you for being the godly leader in our home- you are a good example to me.

I found these free printable place cards here at lollychops. I cut them out, glued them to a paper circle, then a folded cardstock.

Hope your Thanksgiving is wonderful!


Garth and Becky said...

Thanks for sharing all your great pictures and recipes. Your family is a blessing to ours!

Hopeful Housewife said...

Looks yummy! Love the pear centerpiece!

Ruth said...

Everything looks beautiful!! Hope you and yours have a blessed and happy Thanksgiving.


Jen B said...

Beautiful post :-)
Happy Thanksgiving to you & your family too!

justin, jake and jenna's mom said...

It all looks so gorgeous!!! wish we could come!

gailsgarden said...

I guess it is picnics on the floor until dinner time! :) I remember last year and I will miss it this year but Christmas is just around the corner! Yipee!!!

We are thankful, thankful, thankful even if we are not having a celebration today. GREAT is the Lord and GREATLY to be praised!

Megan Walker said...

Oh Sara........ I just *LOVED* this post. I wish I could take all your sweet, genuine sentiments with the rest of your post and swap it out for my dorky blog list I made as quickly as possible as people were waiting for me to hurry, hurry, hurry...... You said everything with such gratitude from your heart - it is just how I feel inside and wish I could have expressed it. You're so awesome :)