Thursday, October 8, 2009

Sweet Thursday

Click on this picture to make it larger so you can read the words. They bring tears to my eyes! This is for a friend who's husband is a fire fighter. What a great gift. She sent me the words. (hopefully he doesn't read the blog). THANK YOU, brave fire fighters!!!!

Gigi gave me some appli-kay. This is like the typical applique stuff, but you iron it on and then peel off the back and the fabric becomes like a sticker. How fun is that?!??! So many possibilities. It says to iron it again after you stick it on and then it will be permanent. I will throw this in the wash and see- because if I can do this without having to do any sewing, I will be happy.

I am feeling especially thankful for my family today. Dave, the kids, the dog. I am extremely blessed. Everything I have is because of God. He has allowed everything good in my life- and anything bad- that has shaped me into who I am. I am nothing without Him.

We have been struggling with one of our kids- just some attitudes and questions he has had- it has made me stop and question what I believe and why. It all comes back to God. I can see God in nature and in my kids- I can see His creative hand in my cute little doggie- who would think to put a little tail on a creature that wags when it's happy? God! Amazing. I am amazed. I pray my kids will learn to love God and see His wonders.

Hope you are doing well! Have a nice Thursday evening, friends :)


Anonymous said...

I've often felt that way about animals and praised God for creating such cute, comforting little creatures for us to enjoy. That fabric sticker stuff looks amazing - must find some!

julie king said...

i've never read the firefighter's creed below. it is so touching.and of course you made it look so beautiful!

Anonymous said...

It's just gorgeous Sara!! You did a great job, and no, my hubby doesn't read your blog! ;)

By the way, it makes me cry every time I read it too; partly because we know a young wife & mother of 2 little girls that just lost their daddy firefighter in the line of duty... I don't take it for granted anymore... I pray every time the tones go off...

Morgan Lea @ GloryFIlled said...

I've use that iron on stuff before on t-shirts.It works great!

gailsgarden said...

That appli-kay was made to order FOR YOU! Have fun!

It always amazes me that we see God in everything around us, while others miss him completely. I am so thankful I was taught the truth from my earliest days and that we knew enough to give you the truth!

Adrienne said...

that is beautiful! and a great tribute to all firefighters this week. (at school we're studying fire prevention:))

Anonymous said...

this post really touched me....for a couple reasons i'm sure you can guess why :( you did a beautiful job on it, sara.
i always appreciate you sharing from your heart....your struggles, your gratitude, your blessings, your joy....thank you <3

Ruth said...

Beautiful post and a great reminder to cherish everything God has given us, even the tough times he sends our ways. He is a great God.

Love your bag.


wild child said...

Wow - what an honor to do the Firefighter's Creed in your artwork! I'm sure they will really cherish it Sara! You did a fabulous job, as usual :)

Awesome bag too - love all the color of course!

Meg xoxo