Wednesday, October 14, 2009

pumpkin shirt

I made another appli-kay shirt for our girl......then I went to the dryer to see how the brown shirt turned out. This is what I found...
The flowers totally and cleanly came off!!!!!!

Here is what we can learn from this process:
1. Sara is a lazy crafter- she wants to stick the fabric on and not have to sew!!!!
2. This is the #1 reason why Sara does not post tutorials!!!!
3. If you want a one time applique process this would be perfect-if she wears her pumpkin shirt once, we can wash it and then start over with a winter design!!
4. Sara is going to have to pull out the sewing machine- there is no way around it.


Chrissie Grace said...

Oh NO!
You live and learn, right?:)

Annie said...

Oh darn!! It looked like such an easy way to do it. I have no idea, but have you tried the mod podge for fabric? Maybe that would work without the sewing machine? I don't know, just an idea! Really cute pumpkin shirt. :-)

Heidi said...

So funny! It sounds like something that would happen to me. Cute pumpkin shirt btw. Wish I could've seen the flowers:)

Stephanie said...

Awww..bummer! I bet there is a product out there that will stick better. I'll let you know if I find one. :) Cute Pumpkin shirt!

Kim's Treasures said...

Oh no, what a bummer! That means lazy Kim crafter would have to sew too...not my favorite thing! The pumpkin shirt is cute! I like the idea of getting to use the shirt again for the holidays!

Megan said...

I use Heat-n-Bond Ultra. It comes in a roll, and you can get it at Walmart. I do lots of initial shirts for my boys and rarely have problems. Sometimes I do a straight stitch around the edges for visual effect, but sometimes I skip it. There is some slight fraying at the edges, but I like that look. The Heat-n-Bond makes it a bit stiff, but unless it's a large applique, it doesn't matter much. Try it and you'll be hooked.

Anonymous said...

This is ok by me - totally for the purpose of re-using the shirt! My kids only wear their cute holiday shirts on THAT day and then never wear them again - this saves me a couple of shirts a year and I can customize what they'd like - plus I'm a lazy crafter too ;)

Melissa Stover said...

sounds like something melissa would craft.

BlueCastle said...

Oh bummer. It did look too good to be true though. Sorry. :)

Jara said...

You might try "Wonder Under" as well, I hear it stays on even after washing????? Good luck, the shirts are/were precious!!!!

"Dove" said...

ha! This one really had me chuckling. Too cute!

I made a pumpkin shirt too that I proudly posted on my blog. It involved sewing a PREMADE applique on a shirt that I bought from Hobby Lobby. I was feeling rather spiffy until I saw your adorable HANDMADE pumpkin that is so original and super clever.

Hrumpffffff. least a sewed mine on! Hee hee hee. Just kidding you!

Adrienne said...

you better sew on that pumpkin. he's too cute to disappear too! good luck.

Paige said...

Uh-oh! Well, it was a good idea. Just sad it didn't work out as nicely as we all hoped it would for you!

Sun-Kissed Scholars said...

The pumpkin is adorable!!!

And you crack me up. ;-) You know, if you really don't want to get the sewing machine out, you could always hand stitch around it while you're riding in the car or watching a movie. It's relaxing and rewarding,too-- no more disappearing fabric art!

Catherine Anne said...


Keri said...

Love the pumpkin shirt and did love the brown one! Oh no!