Thursday, October 15, 2009

my little business

I told you I would be back to tell you all about our fall day...but I am going to join in Kelly's party about moms who have a business. Please come back tomorrow to see the treats and the recipes and the cute yumminess!

I paint and I love to paint scripture or inspiring quotes. I have a little etsy shop and I also love to paint custom pieces. More importantly, I am a wife and mom- but us moms need a break and a little something besides laundry to work on and enjoy, right?!?!

It all started when we moved into our current house and I needed to fill up the wall space. I love to fill up wall space- it makes the house feel warm and cozy- like a fuzzy blanket that wraps around you when you walk in. I painted and painted and hung everything up.

Then people asked me to paint for them, and I did. And I loved it- but did not have time to paint constantly. So we got the bright idea to make prints of my work- and then I learned about etsy, which has been a great place to sell my art, all while staying at home in my cozy house. I hardly even have to leave to do the shipping- my shipping manager is awesome...thanx Dave ;)

You are welcome to visit my etsy shop. Lost of stuff on sale- prints and original art too. Even if you don't buy my stuff- Scripture is always a good thing to hang on the wall. I know that for me my day is rotten when I do not meditate on God's Word- the only thing that helps a grumpy momma is to renew the mind in the Word!!

*Thanks* for stopping by- and a BIG thank you to my sweet customers and blog readers for your support & encouragement to me!!!


Catherine Anne said...

I love your work, You have such a gift for it!

Keri said...

Sara - your business is a blessing to you AND your customers. I have 2 of the prints you posted plus a custom one in my home. Not only do they make it a brighter place, but they give me good reminders when I need them!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

your work is awesome and I will be back to make a purchase.....Love it....I am amazed at all the different blogs in blog land....Love blog hopping and seeing all the different looks. Hope you will stop by and visit my blogs....a special Happy Birthday post to my daughter and a great giveaway tomorrow night on my Christmas blog.

wild child said...

I totally LOVED this post Sara! I always love hearing the stories behind the artist - I can never get enough of that. And you know how much I love your work! The color, the content, the happiness, the creativity....... everything :)

Meg xoxo

Anonymous said...

Your blog is just beautiful!

I am very impressed.