Thursday, October 29, 2009

Home Tour: Pastor & Nancy

Welcome to our Pastor & wife's house! I love how Nancy decorates, but what is even better is that Nancy gets practically everything from thrift stores, off Craig's list, from a yard sale, or on clearance! This is the kind of creativity that I admire. This house is beauty on a budget!

Yes, she has a green thumb! I love the vines on the porch.

First stop- the guest room. A cozy spot to relax. Any guest would feel right at home. Nancy found the old mantle at a thrift store and painted it a lighter mossy green than the walls. Many fun and eclectic things going on here. My favorites are the little pedestal bowl, the ceramic bird, the fern canvas, and the large jar of shells and rocks.

Some old pictures of family members. Something I didn't get pictures of was an old trunk that has been in Nancy's family for years- inside she has many family heirloom type things- an old wedding dress of a grandmother, the flower girl's dress from her wedding, a maternity shirt worn for a pregnancy. I love this idea! We have stuff like that around here- but stashed in drawers and in boxes in the attic. I think putting these items in a special place shows your children the love and importance of your family members and your heritage. Thanks for the inspiration, Nancy!

Nancy made these trays in her pottery class. You will see lots more pottery!

Guest room bed- love the idea of the art hung a little lower to give the impression of a headboard.
A bargain chair found on Craig's list. Lots of character in that chair!

Cabinet in the dining room. Lots of great pottery- most from thrift stores.

Nancy's own creations from pottery class.

Kitchen looking into dining room.

Another tray- great color.

Pastor went to Nancy's pottery class with her and from what I have heard picked it up with ease. These are his creations. Pottery is not easy- I could never get a pot to look like anything besides an ash tray (and we don't smoke!) Pastor has the knack!

Nancy says this quote all the time! So I had to make her a painting for her wall- now she can just point to it when she wants to say it to her kids :)

Master bedroom- cozy & warm

Living room

Pastor & Nancy- this photo was taken when they were working on the upfit of our new church building.

It is evident when you walk into this house that there is a mother and wife who takes great care of her family and loves them (and the Lord) very much. Nancy is a good example to us all of a Proverbs 31 lady!

I have more pictures of the teen girls' room- but those pictures are worthy of a post all their own :)

Thanks for letting us invade your house :) It is a true inspiration!


Kim's Treasures said...

Thank you for sharing your pastor's home! Love her pottery and of course your painting!

gypsy@Hebrews11:13 said...

What a beautiful home- you can tell she spends a lot of time on it!! I LOVE the pottery!!! What a talented couple they are- my pottery would like pottery:)

Monica said...

WOW! I've heard her talk about the pottery classes, but those pieces are AWESOME!!!

Stephanie said...

Lots of great things! I love the painting above there bed, and the pottery is beautiful!!!

Paige said...

What a beautiful home! Thanks for sharing. I wish I could find all those goodies and decorate on a dime.

Have a great weekend!

justin, jake and jenna's mom said...

So nice!!! Thanks for the tour =)

joeandkris513 said...

Pottery is my weakness and this home is full of beautiful pieces! I'm going to have to visit your thrift stores because our don't have near the goodies yours do in NC!

Catherine Anne said...

What a nice warm home

Claudia Finn said...

I love the phrase that is such a help to be a crossroad to the right path. I just told my husband about it and I want to bring it up when appropriate. Great blog too!!

Amber said...

oh I just love looking inside people's homes. ;-)

Pop Pop & Granna said...

Thanks for letting us in, Nancy -- where was Latte? =) I loved all the wrought iron and the soothing colors.

Ruth said...

Gorgeous, warm and inviting home. How sweet of her to let you showcase it for us in blog land.


Megan Walker said...

Thanks for the tour - what a lovely house and couple!

Meg xoxo