Friday, October 16, 2009

fall tea party

peanut butter sandwiches on pumpkin shaped bread


orange jello jigglers

apples with caramel

home-made pumpkin peeps

mini pumpkin pies

hot apple cider

orange kool-aid


We had another homeschool family over the other day and enjoyed some fallish treats, stories, and games together. I found some new desserts to try....

The mini pumpkin pies turned out so cute and very yummy- Two thumbs up!!! Thanks Bakerella- you have done it again! See recipe and how-to here. (easy to make and also very good with whip cream on top)
Next festive treat- pumpkin peeps. This is what my 6 year old was making in the sneak peek. So easy and fun to make:
*wet large marshmallows
*shake them in a bag with sugar that you have foodcolored orange
*stick in a pretzel stick
*use icing or candy coating to make a little leaf
I saw this idea here.

Cutting the bread with a pumpkin cookie cutter

PB&J sandwiches

Kid-made name tags for each plate

The moms' spot at the counter

the kids' table

ready to party!

I cannot tell you how many pies I have eaten!!!! Too many! But let me tell you they are gooooood. (made with cream cheese)

Storytime- the pumpkin patch book again

More treats found around the web that we want to make:
Pumpkin Lollipop (from made from life savers

Mini Cornucopia (again looks too cute to eat!


Stephanie said...

I always love the neat little goodies you find around the web. Thanks for sharing these great finds!

redeemed diva said...

Yum! That looks so delicious and fun!

Adrienne said...

looks so fun! the cornicopias are precious.

Sherri S said...

That looks like it was tons of fun!

Mod Podge Amy said...

Hi Sara! We haven't chatted in awhile, and I see you have been very busy! :D Those mini punkin' pies look delicious! Yummeh. . .

Pop Pop & Granna said...

I want to join your homeschool!

wild child said...

Fun, fun, and more fun! Did you guys just have a BLAST??? How could you not!?!? What adorable treats and a fun day for everyone :)

Meg xoxo

Keri said...

Mmmm - pumpkin peeps. And homemade - Calvin is sending me to the kitchen as soon as I tell him about that!