Thursday, September 10, 2009


favorite baby names

Just for fun- and in light of the fact that my sister in law is in labor right now!!!!!!! And also in light of the fact that- {sorry mom!} we are probably not ever going to have any more babies...(although--you never know)...and I still have names I would use (maybe Sadie will have puppies). I thought I would join in with Spearmint baby -a new favorite blog- and list my top 10 baby names.......

#1 Tucker (for a boy- I love this one and my boys tucker me out- so this would be a good pick!)
*2 Rose- adorable. We had a book on CD with a girl named Rose, and after our 3 year old heard this she called me Rose for a few days.
{3} sticking with flowers- Lilly!
[5] Reilly (boy)
#6 Sam
7* Skye (this is my all time favorite girl name :)
8** Wes- manly, but fun too.
~9 Wil - has a nice ring to it- and the one L is good
10 Rosie- I couldn't think of anymore- but I like this version of Rose too.

What are your favorite baby names?


Maggie said...

Sean for a boy and Shaun for a girl. Alexander is a good family name for me as well.

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

I love Tucker!! There aren't too many boys out there with that name either!

wild child said...

That book w/ the name Rose in it didn't happen to be "Rolling Rose" did it? Just curious - if so, that was a super cute book!

I love all those names - I am a big name lover too! But I'm not gonna start or I'll never stop! LOL! Although I have to say Anna is probably one of my fave girl names... and I love Lorelai... and Oliver... and Ethan... okay I'm stopping right now! LOL!

Meg xoxo

Keri said...

HA! Baby names are on our minds right now - Chance, Elijah, Colby, Alexis, Grace, Reagan - who knows???? Once we get a gender later this month, maybe we can figure it out. It's funny b/c when we were pregnant with Caleb, we had his named picked immediately.

Jenny said...

We are done (unless God has other plans) but if we were to have a little girl we would name her Georgia Lynn- my dad's name is George and my middle name is Lyn.

I cant narrow down just one boy name.... :)

Pam said...

No plans for more kids, but if the Lord dictated otherwise, Joseph or Lucy would be my choices.

Barb said...

I have a daughter, Lilly. Love the name, but didn't choose it, she is adopted and I kept her birth name.


The Yamaguchis said...

I love picking out baby names...but we aren't planning on having anymore. We only have girls, so we were never able to use our boys names, but my favorites were: Isaak, Ezekiel, Isaiah and Bradley.
Lainey and Faith were girl names I always loved, but we never used.