Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Dave's CD for $1! (and dolls)

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What a deal! Dave is offering his Just As I Am Cd for $1. Go here to see more. My favorite is #2. I CANNOT wait til you hear his newest - not yet released is love songs to...guess who?!? Me! Beautiful and gorgeous and wonderful music. You'll be the first to know when it gets released.
I thought this was so cute. Our 3 year old had the babies on a "bus." I can remember doing the same when I was a kid (with many of the same dolls shown here).

There are so many ways that my kids inspire me. When I wrote the post about what has changed my artistic life- Amber made a comment that her children are what has inspired her creative process the most. I think I would have to agree! The art room and the camera and the blog have definitely taken the artistic process to a new level- but the kids- the kids! They breathe life and color into our lives. They make us step outside our comfort zones. They make us think of others instead of ourselves constantly. They make us stop and look at the worm and the bugs, they make us stop to pick the dandelions. They see beauty in all things. They drive us nuts and up the wall- but we love them anyway! Thank You, Lord, for my kids.....


Jill said...

TOO cute!! have to run pick-up kiddos from back to grab one of Dave's CDs this evening!!
Thanks for sharing!

Pop Pop & Granna said...

That is adorable! How creative -- the bus idea --