Saturday, September 26, 2009

a bunch of stuff....[books, letters,Q&A...]

We walked downtown and got a lot of the alphabet letters that we were looking for on our ABC scavenger hunt. We didn't find them all yet- but we got all of the letters for l-o-v-e {that's all we need}! It was very interesting and made us look at things in a new way and in more detail.

Now to answer some questions that some of you have asked:
Q Do people give you ideas about what they want when they order a painting- or do you just do your own thing?

A It depends. Sometimes they say they want certain colors, but that I can just do my thing. Other times they pick a painting that I have done before and want theirs similar. Some people have let me borrow purses or fabric swatches to use as inspiration.

I love all of these scenarios. Each time I get to custom paint something, a new design comes out- a new color combo that I would not have thought of, or I get to paint a new quote that inspires me as much as it inspires who I am painting for.

Q Do you use a marker or a paint pen for the words?

A On most paintings I use marker (I love Sharpies). On the nursery wall when I wrote the verses, I used paint and a very small brush. You said that your hand shakes if you try to do this- mine did too when I first started painting- practice! It gets better each and every time you try it.

One day a few weeks ago when I was painting a verse on the nursery wall, my hand shook for a few seconds and a letter got messed up. In that moment it was all very clear to me- God is the one who allows us anything that we do. In that split second God showed me that any ability that I have in these hands is from Him and how thankful I am that He allows me to paint!

Inspired by a new favorite homeschool blog; here are some of our favorite books:
Book & book on cd- Epossumondas saves the day
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Favorite kids author/illustrator- Eric Carle, Lois Ehlert, Caroline Haywood, Simms Taback...and many more that I cannot think of right now...

Hope your weekend has been fabulous! I had something fun happen when we were at the library the other day. Someone recognized me from my blog! It was nice to meet a reader- and we laughed about how small the world has become because of the Internet! (of course the kids had dressed themselves that day and we forgot to comb our she may be a former reader because she knows the full story now....:)

Anyway- it got me thinking how fun it would be if you guys left comments telling me where you live. {are you my neighbor?!} Or just the basic area if you want to keep that secret- which I totally understand since I am not saying exactly where I am except to say that I live in the south/east of the USA. So if you tell me where you are from I promise not to tell anyone ;) :)


Paige said...

Sweet home Alabama!

Garth and Becky said...

Pretty sure you know this, but we're in Port Orchard, WA and we'd LOVE for you to come visit out west!

Kim @ Everything Etsy said...

We're in Punta Gorda, FL...are we close?


Tammy said...

SW Ohio here!

Love your alphabet pictures!

Anonymous said...

I think you know this since you sent me some prints but home is Michigan - Doubt I'll run into you anywhere ; ) Oh and that ALWAYS happens to me with the kids and the hair. Never fails - every time we aren't matching, don't have combed hair, etc. we run into someone we know! They look perfectly coiffed and we see no one - go figure! I think it's God's way of keepin' it real ;) Have a great weekend!

Jenn A said...

I'm in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota!

Dana D said...

I think we're sorta close... in the Columbia, SC area!

gypsy@Hebrews11:13 said...

Hmmm...we might live near each other. I, too am in the southeast:)

Ruth said...

I live in the smallest state~RI.


Laura said...

Hey there from farm country in central Ohio.

wild child said...

Hey Sara :)

Loved your letters from out and about! It would be fun to make a book or poster of them when you find them all!

Loved reading your Q&A answers too!

And I am a HUGE children's book lover! Even now that my kids are older. Did you know that Eric Carle has the sweetest blog EVER? He does it himself, and sometime I actually get misty-eyed.

Oh! And I'm here in southern California :)

Meg xoxoxo

Joy said...

Ooooh... I love the idea of 'LOVE'. Smart lady! Good Mom!