Monday, August 3, 2009

too much to say today...........(and some unrelated photos)

Hello friends! Happy Monday! Not many more free Mondays left before school starts. We are having a day of staying home- the kids are playing on the front porch. I hear a tap on the door every once in awhile when the boys send little sister to ask for Popsicles or drinks. I have a peace right now that is not usual for a Monday.
pier one has the best plates

Dave's newest CD is in the player and honestly, there is nothing more soothing. Thursday is the big debut and you'll have to wait until then to hear it. Zucchini bread in the oven (I made Z bread for the first time last week and the fam all raved over it. I thought they would not like it b/c I only have a large grater- so there were these pieces of zucchini sticking out all over- but apparently the sugar content made up for that).

circle art at TJ Maxx

Then Sunday night we had a missionary with Bibles International. We learned that there are thousands of languages that do not have their own Bible. We are SOOOO blessed to have the Scriptures at our fingertips! I am so thankful for missionaries like the ones who work for BI and work day after day translating Bibles- it sometimes can take up to 10 years to translate the New Testament into another language.

finding great stuff to put on Jen's walls (pier one again- see- the best plates)

I had to share this adorable necklace by Jill. What a cute idea for a little girl! (or a big girl). Keep up the great work, Jill! (her blog is full of cute stuff like this- go on over for a visit.)



Did ya know that pier 1 has the bird plate in yellow now? I need to go get one! Cute necklace too.

Your kitchen looks really cute with the black walls.

Enjoy your last few days before school starts. Mine started today.

Jill said...

LOOOVE Peir One...until we build a second kitchen I have been banned from any futher dish purchases! Ha!...but I may sneak in for a peak!:)...thanks for your sweet words friend!
Have a great week!
Many Blessings!

There and Back Again ( not a Hobbit's tale) said...

Looks like you and Jen had fun shopping! I can't wait to see what she got for her walls!!!

Jennifer said...

yes, i did have fun shopping!

Ruth said...

Looks like a great time shopping. I love Pier !, too. Such great things.
Thanks for sharing Jill's blog. It's great. Such wonderful pics.


Keri said...

Pier One is too awesome - and too close to my house!

So, have you posted the zuchinni bread recipe? I'm just getting to reading blogs so I will have to look. I always love your recipes.

It amazes me how much we have to be thankful for that is so commonplace it is easy to take for granted and forget. We are free to worship, we have His word at our fingertips, we can fellowship with His people. Praise God!