Saturday, August 29, 2009

saturday update and links for inspiration

*Happy Friday. We have had a good & busy week. I feel like we accomplished a lot. The boys got a ton of schoolwork done- you know when you first start a new grade- the books have to review. They have been able to really sail through a lot of work and thankfully they remembered a lot of what they learned last year.

*Some of you asked about the pencil snack- I posted about it here and there is a link to the recipe.

*Now it is Saturday and I am coming down with something- it feels like strep. Sore throat, achy, tired. I am a little relieved that it is probably a virus because I was really tired on Thurs and Fri evenings and I thought- Oh no! Does school tire me out this much??

*I am updating the sara's art* blog; looking through the 100's of photos on my computer for the lost files.

*Found some beautiful & inspiring things on the web this week and all I want to do is create!!! Here is a list of things to create and the inspiration behind them:

1. A patchwork scarf- as inspired by Little Bit Funky (ooh and look at this one)
2. A patchwork mobile (who says you need a baby to hang a mobile in your house?!) inspired by maggie & sparrow (as seen on spearmint baby)
3. Another colorful mobile
4. Alphabet garland- again spearmint baby

Have a wonderful Saturday! May it be as cozy as we are- wrapped in blankets, sitting on the couch, dog sleeping on the lap, children happily playing legos, husband making snacks...........


Tammy said...

Thanks Sara, hope you have a wonderful Saturday too!

Love the new header!

Jen B said...

I love visiting your blog, always so cheerful and colorful! It's a rainy, rainy day here, sure can use the boost! Wonderful links too, thanks so much!!

Pam said...

I am eying those Chicken Crescents on the Little Bit Funky link. The scarf is cool, but food just speaks to me!

Glad to hear that school is going so well!

Farmgirl Paints said...

That is the PERFECT pot holder for your kitchen!!! Wow:)

wild child said...

Glad you had such a successful first week of school! And thanks for the cool links - can't wait to check them out! But sorry to hear you're not feeling well :( If it's strep that's bacterial and you'll need a good antibiotic to wipe it out. That's the one good thing about strep vs. a virus - LOL! You do start feeling better much faster! So just take care of your sweet self :)

Meg xoxo