Tuesday, August 11, 2009


This is for Sarah who was asking about the circles- Just put fabric in an embroidery hoop- trim the edges and glue raw edges to the back. So many possibilities! Even Gigi has some on her wall.

This is for the Queen who asked about the pillow. I made this the first year that Dave and I were married. I didn't have a sewing machine then, and sewed the patches together by hand, then made it into a pillow. Our whole apartment was red and blue at that time (mostly blue).

Thanks for the comments about the hair! Just like Dave said in his comment- it has saved him from hours of me asking- "how about this? Do you like this way better???" he thanks you and I thank you !!

flowers at Whole Foods

The kids and I went to our art supply store today, Jerry's Artarama- always a pleasure!!!! Then on to a few more errands that brought us close to Whole Foods and I figured we would go in to get some free samples. We ended up buying a loaf of french bread and a big bag of fresh cherries- a really nice lunch. When I visit Whole Foods I get all inspired to eat healthy...(but then I come home and make baked mac n' cheese and potato casserole)

paper at the art store

canvases.....rows and rows of beautiful canvases- I found the 'above the door' size- (8"x24")

Here is Marilou's above the door canvas. I found this photo tucked away in my computer- I can't remember what we were laughing about except that it was probably one of the kids trying to take the picture.


Stephanie said...

Fabric in hoops are fun! Look at all those canvas's, great store!!

Jill said...

What a fun art store!!! I am loving the fabric in the hoops lately too!

Sarah said...

I just have to find some of those fabric hoops. You make it look so cute when you do it!