Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Before starting this last patchwork wall I ran to the Dollar Store real quick to pick up masking tape. The process is to tape the patches up and then cover the whole thing with contact paper. This has been working and holding up really well so far. Well- yesterday I walked into the kitchen and the patches were falling off!!!!!!!! Oh my dear. At least it was just this little wall.
Now I am taping everything up with 3M strong adhesive masking tape. Wish me luck!

**Thanks for the comments about the funky tree stuff. I am not going to be selling the t-shirts on etsy. The ones pictured are a special order for someone who is going to help me with the sewing. My sewing machine is not the most reliable (it is probably just me, I am not a reliable sewer :). If you like to sew and love the shirt then you could send me a t-shirt- I could iron on the tree and send it back to you so you could sew it :)


julie king said...

thanks for the tip! i guess the message is if it looks like too good a deal, it just may be!!

Heidi said...

I so want one of those t-shirts! Those awesome fabrics against the black background look so fabulous!

Sun-Kissed Savages said...

So glad that the wall was repairable! Dollar Tree is good for so many things, but I'll steer clear of the tape!

Shirts-- Maybe I'll try it out here first. If I can't make one for myself, then I'll take you up on it!! They are SOOO cute!